It is a new year, and that means that new trends are coming in fast. As with any area of interior design, what is “in” changes frequently for window treatments. This year, there is a big focus on materials, colors, and prints, with bold options taking center stage. So, which trends should you consider for your windows?

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones have been trendy in both fashion and interior design for a few seasons now. However, 2018 is when it is finally going to be popular to use them in your window treatments. You can fully embrace this by going with a solid emerald or ruby or opt for a patterned window treatment that uses jewel tones as accents.

Luxury Fabrics

If you are opting for jewel tones, you might as well go for rich fabrics as well. Silk and damask are on trend, as they almost always are. However, this year velvet, leather, suede, and even fur will be used in window design.

Full Dressing

While window design trends have long been straddling the middle line, in 2018, things are moving towards the extremes. On the one end, we have elaborate looks that utilize full window dressing. This means drapes, blinds, sashes, valances—as much as you dare.

Earthy Colors

If you lived through the 1970s, the idea of this might make you cringe, but bear with us. Modern earthy colors, such as terracotta, are nothing like the outdated avocado green. They are rustic, warm, and give you a great alternative to more traditional neutral colors.

Organic Materials

With this, we are not talking about materials that are certified organic but rather those that bring in the feeling of nature. Both cork and bamboo are trendy materials that bring in that organic feel. These are also options that you can afford even when on a budget, making them a solid choice for most homeowners.

Sleek Looks

This is the opposite of the full dressing mentioned above. Rather than going for the most elaborate option possible, you go for simple, sleek lines—drapes and blinds alone in most cases, and you might even find some blinds that are chic enough to stand alone. Hardware should likewise be simple yet elegant, giving it a minimalist design.

Bold Prints

Bold prints have been considered on point in interior design for a while, but this has mostly been restricted to accent pieces, like throw pillows and accent rugs. Now, you can embrace them in your window treatments. Many people love the idea of a bold window while keeping things understated elsewhere, especially to prevent electronic components from being the focal point in a room.

Aero Shade Can Keep Your Windows on Trend

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