Like other residents of sun-drenched Los Angeles, there’s a good chance that you need a way to control the amount of light entering your home. That’s especially true if your house has an expansive window layout. You also may need a way to control your utility costs while keeping your options for interior design as flexible as possible. A versatile window covering called a Roman shade can help you meet all of your objectives. The dedicated professionals at Aero Shade have decades of experience creating and installing custom Roman shades that meet even the most selective customers’ need for cost-effective quality.

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman Shades sold in Los Angeles

Roman shades are vertical window coverings that combine some of the characteristics of curtains with some of the characteristics of venetian blinds. Like curtains, Roman shades typically feature fabric or cloth as a material (although manufacturers sometimes use other materials). Like venetian blinds, the individual sections of these window coverings overlap or stack together when in their open position. Like both curtains and blinds, Roman shades are often raised or lowered by a cord mechanism. This mechanism can closely resemble the cords normally found on a curtain or a blind. However, some products feature a modern “continuous” cord that provides a smoother, quieter experience in everyday use. In addition, some manufacturers produce motorized, wired or wireless Roman shades that don’t rely on a cord for their operation.

There are several types or styles of Roman shade. Classic shades have a flat or pleated surface when in their lowered position. The surface of another common style, called a looped Roman shade, is covered in a cascading series of decorative folds when lowered. Variations on these basic types include relaxed shades — which have a soft curve on their bottom end — and tulip shades, which have inverted pleats on their bottom end that give them a distinctive tulip-like shape.

Roman shade fabrics are available in a range of thicknesses that determine their ability to block sunlight. Sheer fabrics let in the most light and allow you to recognize most of the details outside your window when in their closed position. Semi-sheer fabrics let in a smaller amount of light and obscure more details of the outside world. Light-filtering fabrics block your view of the outside while still allowing light to pass through. Room-darkening fabrics screen out most outdoor light, while blackout fabrics screen out essentially all outdoor light. Traditional fabrics used in Roman shades include linen, cotton and silk. Some manufacturers also use modern composite fabrics, which may have special properties like the ability to block the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation.

Most Roman shades open vertically from bottom to top like a venetian blind. However, some manufacturers produce a “top down/bottom up” version that allows you to open the shade from the top of your window in addition to raising it from the bottom. This gives you the ability to let light into a room while still blocking the interior of your home from outside view.

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Why Choose Roman Shades for your Los Angeles Home?

Roman shades can enhance the day-to-day comfort and appearance of your home in a number of ways. First, since these window coverings come in a broad range of thicknesses, you can use them to closely control the amount of light that enters each room in your home. Shades made from more opaque fabrics can help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by blocking out sunlight. In turn, better temperature control can improve your ability to control your monthly energy costs. Roman shades made from UV-blocking fabric can protect your furnishings from sun damage while still providing enough light to brighten a room.

Many people choose Roman shades for their versatile look. Depending on the choices you make, this type of window covering can add a soft, luxurious feel to your home or a sleeker, more modern appearance. In addition to coming in a number of styles and fabrics, Roman shades come in a broad range of colors and patterns. This means that, whatever design decisions you make, you will likely find a version of these coverings that fits your vision and complements your new and existing décor.

The expert staff at Aero Shade can help you determine if Roman shades are the best option for your remodeling project or new home. If you choose this type of window covering, rest assured that we can help you achieve the end result you desire. We thoroughly understand all of the available choices and can help you pick just the right fabric, color/pattern and shade style to enhance the beauty of your household.

Customizing Your Roman Shades

Stock Roman shades may prove sufficient for people who don’t mind having a limited number of design options. They may also work for houses that only contain standard-sized windows, not the open or irregular window layouts found in many scenic neighborhoods. However, if you want to maximize your design flexibility, cover irregularly sized windows, and achieve a seamless match with your existing furnishings, you will need to find a company that produces and installs custom Roman shades specifically intended for your home.

As with any other premium service, you will need to carefully select the company that handles your custom window covering project. At Aero Shade, we strive to embody everything a top-quality company should be. Our in-house staff has decades of experience planning and executing the installation of custom Roman shades, as well as a wide variety of other custom products. Whether you start with a home consultation or a visit to our Beverly Hills-area showroom, we assess your needs, precisely measure the window openings you want to cover, and give you an accurate estimate of what’s required to get the job done. After creating a finished product that meets your specifications for style, color and size, we install your new shades with great precision and care.

The Trusted Roman Shades Store in Los Angeles

Discerning homeowners throughout the Los Angeles area count on Aero Shade to help them successfully complete their redesign projects and decorate their new residences. That’s because, for more than five decades, we have consistently provided exemplary customer service combined with high-quality materials, expert workmanship, clear pricing estimates, and flawless installations that endure over time. Let us show you why we’re the region’s trusted leader for custom Roman shades and all other custom window coverings.