Custom Cafe Shutters

Cafe shutters are to shutters what Dutch doors are to doors.

Also known as half shutters, they cover only the lower portion of a window while leaving the upper section open.

They’re often seen in restaurants and cafes — therefore their name — but also look great in homes, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas that need more light.

Cafe shutters on a bay window.

Cafe Shutters Vs. Standard Shutters

Height Coverage

  • Cafe shutters cover only the lower portion of a window. They expose the upper part, allowing natural light to enter and providing a view outside. This design balances privacy and openness.
  • Standard shutters cover the entire height of the window, from top to bottom.

Privacy & Light Control

  • Cafe shutters provide privacy for the lower portion of a window while allowing light to enter through the upper section. They’re ideal for areas where eye-level privacy is desired, such as kitchens, dining rooms, or restaurants.
  • Standard shutters give you complete control over privacy and light.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Cafe shutters have an unusual look that adds character to a room. Homeowners choose them for their appearance as much as their functionality.
  • Standard shutters have a more traditional and formal appeal.


  • Cafe shutters are installed only on the lower portion of the window frame. They can be opened and closed independently of the upper window area.
  • Standard shutters cover the entire window frame and encase the window entirely when closed.

In short, cafe and standard shutters serve different purposes and offer distinct aesthetics. Cafe shutters are designed for partial window coverage, emphasizing privacy at eye level while allowing light and views from above.

Standard shutters offer complete window coverage and more flexible control over privacy and light.

Cafe shutters in a bedroom.

Why Choose Custom Cafe Shutters?

  1. Enhanced View: Cafe shutters allow an unobstructed view of outside scenery through their top section, which makes them particularly appealing in areas with beautiful landscapes.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Cafe shutters create a stylish look that complements various interior design styles.
  3. Historical Charm: Cafe shutters are often installed in older homes and properties, preserving their historical authenticity and character.
  4. Improved Security: Cafe shutters provide a barrier for the lower window, deterring potential intruders while maintaining visibility through the upper window.
  5. Reduced Maintenance: With half-height shutters, there’s less to clean! If you hate dusting, these shutters are for you!
  6. Customization: Customize your shutters’ material, finish, and color to match your interior decor and design preferences.
  7. Easy Operation: These shutters are among the simplest window coverings to operate. They swing open on hinge points; louvers control the privacy and light in a room.
  8. Increased Property Value: Cafe shutters can boost the value of a home or building, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Cafe shutters offer a blend of privacy, light control, and aesthetics. They’re a practical window treatment that elevates the comfort and style of a room.

Cafe shutters offering a view of the garden.

Why Choose Aero Shade?

  • We specialize in window treatments and can deliver the best possible results for your home or office.
  • We've been in business since 1947.
  • We're family-owned and 100% committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Our window treatments for luxury homes have been featured in lifestyle and design magazines.
  • We've installed blinds and shades for USC, UCLA, the Long Beach and Los Angeles Unified School Districts, and several Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Our prices are reasonable. All estimates are free.
  • We're an authorized dealer of the high-quality Hunter Douglas and Lutron brands.
  • Our customer relationship continues after the installation. If you ever have a problem with an Aero Shade window treatment, we'll do our best to fix it.

Customizing Your Cafe Shades

  • Material: Common materials include wood, vinyl, and composite. Each material has unique characteristics and finishes.
  • Finish and Color: Select a finish and color that harmonizes with your home’s decor, from stained wood for a classic to a painted finish to match your color scheme.
  • Louver Size: Smaller louvers offer a traditional look, while larger louvers create a modern and open feel.
  • Louver Style: Options include traditional, plantation, and contemporary styles. Louvers can be flat or curved.
  • Hardware: Hinges, knobs, pulls, and tilt rods can be classic to modern, enhancing the visual appeal of your shutters.
  • Operability: Functional louvers can be tilted to control light and privacy. Non-functional louvers remain fixed.
  • Architectural Details: These can include decorative trim, molding, or carving for extra visual interest.
  • Transparency: The upper portion of your shutters can have solid panels, insets of glass, or louvered sections to control natural light and visibility.
  • Mounting Option: Depending on your aesthetic and functional preferences, we can mount your shutters inside the window frame or on the surrounding wall.
  • Custom Sizing: We’ll custom-size your shutters to fit your windows exactly.
  • Texture and Panel Design: Raised panels, beadboard, or recessed panels can give your shutters a unique appearance.

We invite you to visit our Los Angeles showroom to experience the textures, colors, and quality of our shutters firsthand and discover the perfect match for your home.

Our expert staff will guide you through your options. Come and see for yourself why cafe shutters are a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Cafe shutters in a living area.

Installation & Follow-up: What to Expect

  • Our sales staff will make an appointment to install your blinds.
  • Our installers will install your shades to the highest standards and show you how to operate and maintain them.
  • We view our relationship with you as permanent. If ever you experience a problem with your blinds, we’ll do our utmost to repair them.
A man measuring window blinds with a tape measure.