Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have wide adjustable louvers mounted on a solid frame. They’re hinged to the window frame or installed as standalone panels.

They’re elegant, durable, and versatile — considered an upscale window treatment — and suitable for residential and commercial settings.

We can customize your plantation shutters to almost any window size, deliver them in various materials and finishes, and fit them with special features like remote control for easy operation.

A living room with white plantation shutters.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

“Plantation shutters” are so-called due to their association with the stately plantation homes of the antebellum American South.

The shutters gained popularity in that region due to their practicality, longevity, toughness, and versatility. Here are some of their distinguishing features:

  • Louvered Design: Louvers are horizontal slats that tilt open or closed to regulate light and airflow. Wide louvers look more modern; narrow louvers are more traditional.
  • Solid Frame: Plantation shutters have a solid frame supporting the louvers for structural stability.
  • Tilt Bar: Plantation shutters usually include a tilt bar or tilt rod, which lets you adjust the louvers’ position simultaneously. You can tilt the angle of the louvers for privacy and light control.
  • Divider Rails: Some plantation shutters have divider rails or horizontal bars dividing the louvers into sections. Divider rails give you independent control over the upper and lower sections.
A bathroom with white plantation shutters.

Our Plantation Shutters Gallery

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  1. Timeless Elegance: Plantation shutters have a classic design that complements traditional to modern interior decor styles.
  2. Excellent Light Control: The adjustable louvers in plantation shutters allow precise control over the amount of natural light entering a room. You can tilt the louvers open for full sunlight, partially close them for diffused light, or shut them entirely for privacy, insulation, and darkness.
  3. Privacy: When the louvers are partially closed, they obscure the view from outside while still allowing airflow and some natural light.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Closing the shutters during summer will block out heat. In winter, closed shutters are almost like a door, providing insulation and reducing heat loss.
  5. Durability: High-quality plantation shutters are made from durable materials like wood, faux wood, or vinyl.
  6. Easy Maintenance: Regular dusting or wiping with a damp cloth is usually enough to keep your shutters clean.
  7. Customization: We can customize your shutters to fit various sizes and shapes, including specialty windows like arches or bay windows. Other options include paint or stain colors to match your decor.
  8. Increased Home Value: Upscale plantation shutters can raise the perceived value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  9. Sound Insulation: The solid frame and louvers of plantation shutters reduce external noise and create a quieter indoor environment.
  10. Versatility: These shutters work equally well in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They’re often used in commercial spaces like offices and restaurants.
White shutters in a window with a view of the garden.

Customizing Your Plantation Shutters

  • Material Choices
    • Choose from various wood types, like oak, maple, cherry, or basswood, each with unique grain and color.
    • Faux wood shutters made of PVC or composite materials are extra durable and moisture-resistant.
    • Vinyl plantation shutters are lightweight and low-maintenance, ideal for high-humidity areas like bathrooms.
  • Louver Size: Select the louver size that suits your aesthetic and functional preferences. Typical sizes range from 1.25 to 5.5 inches, with larger louvers providing a more modern look and better visibility when opened.
  • Frame Style: Frame styles include traditional, decorative, and contemporary options to match your interior decor.
  • Paint or Stain Color: Select a paint or stain finish that matches your room’s color scheme.
  • Divider Rails: Divider rails control the upper and lower portions of the shutters independently, providing flexibility in light and privacy control.
  • Tilt Rod Position: Shutters may have a traditional center tilt rod or a hidden one for a cleaner view.
  • Mounting Options: Choose between an inside mount (mounted within the window frame) or an outside mount (mounted on the wall or frame surrounding the window).
  • Specialty Shapes: Customize your plantation shutters to fit specialty window shapes, such as arches, circles, or angles, ensuring a perfect fit for unusual windows.
  • Motorization: We can motorize your shutters for convenient remote control.
  • Hardware and Hinges: Select decorative hardware and hinges that match your decor style, such as traditional, contemporary, or rustic options.
  • Locks and Closures: Include locks or closures for added security and privacy, especially for shutters covering doors or large windows.
Wide slats are the distinguishing feature of plantation shutters.

Installation & Follow-up: What to Expect

  • Our sales staff will make an appointment to install your blinds.
  • Our installers will install your shades to the highest standards and show you how to operate and maintain them.
  • We view our relationship with you as permanent. If ever you experience a problem with your blinds, we’ll do our utmost to repair them.
A man measuring window blinds with a tape measure.

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