When the summer sun arrives, you need an economical and effective means to beat the heat. For the right Los Angeles home or business, awnings complement your building’s facade, while providing shade and shelter to your family or patrons. Manual retractable awnings from Aero Shade Custom Window Treatment Store extend out from the front of your building or porch, or cover your patio. These retractable awnings block sunlight from entering your home or business, and keep it cool while saving you money. Come to Aero Shade and see what kind of awnings we have to offer.

Importance of Manual Retractable Awnings

Aero Shade supplies awnings to clients around the world. Regardless of what type of home you have, we have several designs that will fit your needs. If you own a restaurant or business in Los Angeles, we can provide a set of awnings that will attract customers by completing your company’s outer visual presentation. For every client, we have a fit and a style that suits them and — most importantly — we customize every awning we sell to our clients’ exact specifications.

Our manually retractable awnings set the standard for durability and functionality, but they also stand out aesthetically. Aero Shade provides a broad variety of design options for our clients to choose from. Our awnings come in all manner of fabrics, colours, patterns, styles, designs, and features. By exploring all of our options, you can make sure that you choose the one that will best complement your home or business.

Because all of our manual awnings are customized, we can ensure that every awning we make meets our clients’ expectations for quality and sophistication. Because manual awnings are less expensive than motorized awnings, they are an appealing option for home or business owners who are trying to improve the look of their property while on a budget. And because the mechanisms that operate them are simple, there is little chance of them breaking, or requiring repairs.

Aero Shade’s selection of awnings come in diverse designs. Manual retractable awnings provide an old fashioned touch, while displaying a modern design. Of course, Aero Shade can provide new material for your frames, in the event that you grow tired of the design you choose. With manual retractable awnings, switching material is easier, because the awnings can be taken down with less difficulty. Easy removal also comes in handy if you remove your awnings during the cold season, or for a special event.

Manual retractable awnings can be designed in very large sizes. You can even provide shade at the edge of a deck or pool area. If placed over a driveway, they can prevent you from being rained on when exiting your house to get into your car. Whether in the front or rear of your house, manual retractable awnings add style and accent to any home especially the outdoor spaces where you grill, play, or relax.

Why Consider Manual Retractable Awnings?

There are many reasons why a Los Angeles homeowner would choose a manual retractable awning over other styles. Price is one significant advantage, but there are many others. This next section highlights a few such reasons.

Free from Damage by Weather Conditions

In cases of storms and strong winds, non-retractable awnings are more prone to damage. However, retractable awnings can be raised and tied off for easy protection from the elements. The ease with which they can be taken down also proves critical in the event of a hurricane or other significant storm.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Awnings collect a lot of dust and debris over a season. Retractable awnings are easier to clean than non-retractable awnings, because they can be taken down more easily. Once your awning is taken down, cleaning it is easy. However, if your awning is made of latex or similar waterproof material, you may find it easier to clean while it sits on its frame, in a lowered position.

With hand-cranked manual awnings, the metal frame may occasionally require some attention, to ensure that the expanding frame operates properly. Fortunately, Aero Shade makes its metal frames from stainless steel and/or aluminum, and so they retain their functionality for a long time without maintenance. However, you may want to examine how the fabric gathers when it is closed or opened to make sure that water does not form pools after significant rain.

Our Technology

We use vacuum injection technology to produce the alloyed aluminum components of our manual retractable awnings. This ensures a high level of strength and durability. Every awning we produce is individually subjected to the highest level of quality control and is made to compliment your home by offering you the flexibility to meet your desired needs.

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Our Two Types of Manual Retractable Awnings

Hand Cranked Retractable Awnings

Hand-cranked retractable awnings use a simple hand crank that turns smoothly and quietly to open and close. They come with support arms that attach to the wall of your building or porch. They feature floor and wall mounting plates, self-tensioning fabric, and an easy adjustable pitch for rain runoff. They also have pre-drilled holes to enable accessory attachment for extra sun and rain protection.

Rope and Pulley Awnings

Our rope and pulley awnings are styled in canvas, vinyl, acrylic or mesh. The rope and pulley mechanism is easy to use, and ties off easily to keep the awning in either position. Being completely manual, there is virtually no chance of a failing mechanism, and these awnings will hold up for a long time. With less metal infrastructure, they are easier to clean, and raising or lowering them only takes a couple of seconds.

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At Aero Shade, providing our customers with the exact design that they want is the name of the game. We welcome you to give us your preferred specifications for size, material, shape and color for your awning. Contact us, and one of our design experts will come to your home and consult with you about how best to use your space. You can also come into our showroom in the Beverly Hills area, and check out some of our products for yourself. Be amazed at the level of expertise and customer service that we provide. Aero Shade has been creating custom awnings for over 50 years, and our custom products have found their way to some of the most notable homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area. Call us today, and find out why so many people choose Aero Shade for their custom window coverings.