Custom Slide-Wire Cable Awnings

Slide-wire cable awnings offer several advantages over standard retractable awnings, making them a good option for:

  • Large outdoor areas
  • Irregularly shaped areas
  • High-wind areas
  • Rooftop decks

We can customize your awning to the size and shape of your patio or deck, motorize it for automatic extension and retraction, and deliver it in the color and fabric you choose.

Black and white slide-wire cable awnings outside a commercial building.

What Is a Slide-Wire Cable Awning?

A slide-wire cable awning, also called a cable-guided retractable awning, uses a system of cables to extend and retract the fabric canopy.

  • Frame and Fabric: The awning consists of a fabric canopy and sturdy wood, aluminum, or steel frame. The frame is attached to a building or supported by freestanding posts.
  • Cables and Guides: Stainless steel cables run the length of the canopy and are anchored at various points, serving as tracks.
  • Operation: To extend the awning, you turn a crank or operate a motorized system. Stainless steel cables guide the canopy and keep it tensioned.
  • Positioning: You can halt the extension at any point for partial or complete coverage.
  • Position Stability: A locking mechanism holds the awning in place to prevent unwanted retraction due to wind.
A slide-wire cable awning with freestanding wooden frame.

Why Choose Aero Shade?

  • We specialize in window treatments and can deliver the best possible results for your home or office.
  • We've been in business since 1947.
  • We're family-owned and 100% committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Our window treatments for luxury homes have been featured in lifestyle and design magazines.
  • We've installed blinds and shades for USC, UCLA, the Long Beach and Los Angeles Unified School Districts, and several Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Our prices are reasonable. All estimates are free.
  • We're an authorized dealer of the high-quality Hunter Douglas and Lutron brands.
  • Our customer relationship continues after the installation. If you ever have a problem with an Aero Shade window treatment, we'll do our best to fix it.

Slide-Wire Cable Vs. Standard Retractable Awnings

Standard retractable awnings come with certain limitations. They may not stand up to high winds. They don’t cover large areas and are ill-suited for irregularly shaped patios and decks.

Here, slide-wire cable awnings hold the edge.

  • Enhanced Stability: The steel cables provide a secure anchor, preventing the canopy from swaying or flapping in gusty conditions.
  • Large-Area Coverage: Slide-wire cable awnings are ideal for expansive outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and commercial outdoor dining areas. The lightweight but strong cables allow longer spans without additional support posts or arms.
  • Irregularly-Shaped Coverage: The stainless steel cables can be guided around corners and curves, covering most deck shapes.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Slide-wire cable awnings have a clean and contemporary look. Their cables and guides are less intrusive than the arms and supports on standard retractable awnings.
  • Durability: The strong, weather-resistant materials in slide-wire cable awnings make them a long-term investment.
  • Ease of Maintenance: With fewer moving parts than standard retractable awnings, slide-wire cable awnings require minimal maintenance and are less prone to mechanical issues.
  • Unobstructed Views: Slide-wire cable awnings offer clear views because they lack horizontal support arms that might obstruct the line of sight.
  • Customization: The awnings come in various sizes, shapes, and fabrics, allowing for a high degree of customization.
  • Resistant to Fabric Sagging: Tension springs help prevent sagging and ensure the awning maintains its appearance and functionality over time.
  • Motorization Options: Like standard retractable awnings, slide-wire cable awnings can be equipped with motorized systems.
A white clide-wire cable awning covering a patio.

Flat Vs. Billowed Styles

Flat Slide-Wire Cable Awnings

  • As the name suggests, flat slide-wire cable awnings have a plain, flat canopy. The fabric is stretched tightly between the support cables and remains uniform and level.
  • The canopy in flat slide-wire cable awnings is under considerable tension when extended. This tension results in a sleek and contemporary appearance.
  • Flat slide-wire cable awnings have a minimalist aesthetic. They create a clean, linear look with slight fabric sagging or billowing.
  • The flat shape of these awnings allows for unobstructed views. The fabric has no curves or folds to obstruct the line of sight.

Billowed Slide-Wire Cable Awnings

  • Billowed slide-wire cable awnings have a gracefully curved or billowed shape when fully extended. The canopy is designed with gentle waves or curves between the support cables.
  • Compared to flat slide-wire cable awnings, the fabric in billowed awnings is under less tension. This fabric has a softer, more relaxed appearance with gentle folds.
  • Billowed awnings evoke a more classic or traditional aesthetic. The billowing fabric adds elegance and charm to outdoor spaces.
  • The curved shape of billowed canopies diffuses sunlight more effectively, creating a dappled or filtered light effect underneath. This makes for a more comfortable ambiance.
A slide-wire cable awning on a blue frame.

Installation & Follow-up: What to Expect

  • Our sales staff will make an appointment to install your blinds.
  • Our installers will install your shades to the highest standards and show you how to operate and maintain them.
  • We view our relationship with you as permanent. If ever you experience a problem with your blinds, we’ll do our utmost to repair them.
A man measuring window blinds with a tape measure.