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A woman measuring a window.
Are you ready to give your windows a stylish makeover with curtains that fit like a glove? It starts with accurate measurements. But measurements of what, exactly, and from where to where? An inch or two short, and you’ve got the window treatment equivalent of flood pants. It’s too long,...
A person using a sewing machine to sew fabric.
Maybe you’ve just moved into a fixer-upper and don’t yet have the scratch for those high-end window covers you’ve always wanted. Or maybe a new sectional sofa and 98″ OLED TV will take priority in your redecorating strategy. Either way, we’ve got you covered with ten budget-friendly window treatment ideas...
3D rendering of arched windows.

Arched windows are architectural gems.

They’re also an architectural nuisance if you can’t find the right window treatments.

No one wants an uncovered eye-level window, but so many coverings detract from that graceful arched form. What’s a homeowner to do?

A living room with plants and a vintage drape in the background.
One of the easiest and best ways to commingle the old and new is to incorporate vintage curtains into modern home decor. Lace curtains paired with geometric-patterned furniture can create an elegant fusion of the past and present. Florals can add a splash of color and soften the stark lines...
Pinch pleat curtains
In your luxurious hilltop home commanding a view of the valley, your windows are statement pieces. So are their curtains, which sweep dramatically toward the gleaming hardwood floor. Or at least that’s how you envision things as you daydream in your San Fernando Valley abode with a conspicuous view of...
3d rendering of a living room with a large window.
Large windows, however glorious, can pose a problem for curtains. The sheer size of the window makes it hard to find ready-made curtains. Curtains for large windows tend to be heavier, necessitating sturdier curtain rods and hardware. Large windows admit more natural light, making it more difficult to find suitable...
A dollhouse with a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.
Small rooms often feel cramped and dark. The right window treatments can transform them into cozy, bright, inviting havens. Window coverings aren’t just about aesthetics — they significantly impact a room’s atmosphere. The wrong window treatments can make a small room seem even smaller, while the right choices will open...
A woman standing in front of a window.

Curtains or shades?

It’s more than an aesthetic choice — each window treatment has pros and cons, including light control, noise insulation, ease of cleaning, and longevity.

In this blog, we’ll cover their respective strengths and weaknesses to help you make the best decision for your home.

AI-generated image of coastal curtains.

The Beach Boys are an excellent start, but a coastal aesthetic involves more than grooving on surf tunes.

So, how can you introduce this coastal vibe to your home? You can incorporate coastal curtains into your decor. Along with a few throw pillows and seashell accents.

A white living room with wooden floors and white furniture.
We know what you’re thinking: “Curtains are so yesterday.” Admittedly, off-the-shelf curtains can be dull and downright unsatisfying. But in the hands of a skilled designer, curtains can transform a room into a stylish and surprisingly modern space. So don’t write off curtains just yet — our guide will take...
A bed in a room with a large bay window.
Bay windows are a beautiful feature in any home, offering stunning views and ample natural light. However, many homeowners may not know how to dress them up. This is where designer curtains come in. Not only do they add a decorative touch, but they also provide privacy, insulation, and light...
A bedroom with a large bed and sliding glass doors.
Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any room. They allow natural light to flood in, connecting your indoor space with the outdoors. But you may not want that connection at 6 AM on the June solstice, or late at night as brilliant beams from the nearby street light...