Why Window Coverings Are Critical for Curb Appeal

A home in the woods with a pathway leading to the front door.

When preparing to sell your home, you must keep a lot of factors in mind. One of the biggest factors in the sales equation is curb appeal. If potential buyers don’t like your home’s exterior presentation, you lose your best chance of getting them through the door. And without this crucial first step, you can’t move forward. An essential element in creating curb appeal is the appearance of your windows. When appropriately used, window coverings can draw the eye and help buyers get excited. Here are some of the most effective ways to maximize the benefits of these coverings.

Choose Appealing Covering Options

In daily life, you probably notice how your window coverings look from the inside. However, if you’re trying to create curb appeal, you must consider how they look from the outside. Simply put, not all options have the same level of appeal. According to experts, the most visually compelling coverings include:

In contrast, options that might not look quite as appealing from the street include:

  • Mini blinds
  • Woven wood shades
  • Roman shades

If your current coverings don’t ooze curb appeal, consider replacing them. The expense of switching could be well worth it when it comes to making that sale.

Make Sure Your Coverings Match

Currently, every covering installed in your home falls on the list of the most appealing options. That means you’re all set, right? Not necessarily. Even the best window coverings lose their panache when mismatched from room to room. That’s true because a jumble of styles can confuse potential buyers and create a disorganized look. At a bare minimum, professionals recommend using a single type of covering for all your front-facing rooms. You can go even further and use a single option for your entire household.

Be aware you don’t need to sacrifice interior style when you adopt a single type of window covering. In any given room, you can pair the covering visible from outside with an indoor-facing window treatment. Draperies are a common choice for this role since they come in a vast array of fabrics, patterns, and colors.

Match the Rest of Your Home’s Exterior

You must also consider how your window coverings look combined with other elements of your home’s exterior. The standard approach here is to paint all trim facing the street white. Depending on where you live, home owner’s associations may already make this a requirement. If it doesn’t, you should strongly consider making the change on your own. White provides a look of simple order. It also helps you avoid any garish, off-putting color combinations.

However, white may not be the best trim option for all situations. That’s especially true if you have coverings made from stained wood. In this situation, you may want to stain your exterior window trim the same color as the coverings. As a rule, this will create a more balanced look than wood covered with white trim.

So, you’ve installed matching, appealing window coverings in your front-facing rooms. You’ve also ensured that your coverings match the rest of your home’s exterior. You still have a bit more work to do. To underline the impression of tidiness and symmetry, you must also coordinate the position of your coverings. During daylight hours, try keeping all shades or blinds half-raised. Similarly, keep your plantation shutters in a half-open position. To create a uniform appearance with drapes, just make sure they’re all pulled back an equal amount.

For many reasons, you may find it difficult or impossible to keep the position of your coverings coordinated. If that’s the case, focus on keeping them in the proper position at the most critical times. Such times include open houses and all photo sessions for print or online advertising.

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Don’t forget to include your window coverings when making your plans. Top covering companies in your area like Aero Shade can help you develop the most effective approach for your situation. Expert providers are also your best option for smooth, trouble-free installation of any new window products. Along with choosing stock coverings, you can choose custom-made products designed specifically for you. Prefer a certain style, pattern or color? Just make your requests and let our professionals go to work. The end result will help you make your household beautiful inside and out.