How Business Awnings Attract Customers & Boost Your Brand

A restaurant with green awnings and tables outside.

Old photos reveal a very different America.

Men wore dapper hats, women dressed to the nines, and every town had a quaint small business area, made all the more charming by the colorful awnings that marked every shop.

Awnings did more than attract customers from down the street; in the days before air conditioning, they provided refuge from the relentless summer heat. But as fashion and technology evolved, these iconic canopies fell out of favor.

Today, business awnings are making a comeback. Not only do they lend character to a storefront, but they help it stand out — while still providing shelter from the summer sun or winter rain.

A Bold Brand Statement

Awnings act like magnets for passersby, catching the eye and inviting folks to take a closer look. Here’s how they work their allure:

  • Curb Appeal: A well-designed awning adds personality to your storefront, making it unique in a bland sea of facades. It’s your chance to showcase your brand’s style and vibe, enticing potential customers to step inside.
  • Weather Shield: Whether from sweltering heat or a light drizzle, awnings offer protection against the elements. Customers appreciate a shady spot to linger and browse.
  • Brand Recognition: Imagine an awning sporting your logo or company colors — it’s like a big, beautiful sign announcing your presence. Customers remember distinct visuals, and your awning can leave a lasting impression.

Awnings pay dividends in terms of customer attraction, comfort, and brand recognition. They’re a stylish but functional accessory that elevates your storefront’s appeal.

Finding the Perfect Business Awning

Not just any old awning will do! It should complement your brand and invite customers to hang around. Here’s a quick rundown of popular styles:

  1. Retractable Awnings: Versatile and convenient, these awnings can be rolled up when customers want to enjoy full sun. They’re ideal for businesses with varying shading needs throughout the day.
  2. Dome awnings: These rounded awnings lend a cultivated, old-world look. Their unique shape casts a wider coverage area.
  3. Concave Awnings: With a curve that swoops inward, concave awnings are sleek and modern. These awnings are an excellent choice for businesses seeking a blend of style, functionality, and contemporary appeal.
  4. Traditional Awnings: Straight-edged and timeless, traditional awnings exude sophistication. They remain the most popular awning style by far and project a refined and professional image.
  5. Waterfall Awnings: These feature a soft edge that cascades downwards, mimicking the gentle flow of a waterfall to cast a graceful allure.
  6. Spear Awnings: Characterized by their iron frame and pointed ends, spear awnings lend a vintage feel and distinctive edge to your business.
  7. Motorized Awnings: These give you automatic control to easily adjust the canopy depending on weather conditions or desired aesthetic. Their ease of operation and adaptability make them a worthwhile investment for many businesses.

Customizing Your Awning

Your awning should reflect your brand’s personality, draw the eye, and create a welcoming mood. Customizing your awning allows you to do this and more.

  1. Color: Choose colors that match or complement your brand’s color palette.
  2. Graphics or Text: Add graphics, patterns, or text to convey a message, showcase your services or products, and create a memorable visual display. This is an excellent opportunity to feature your company’s logo.
  3. Materials: Consider options like vinyl, canvas, or metal for weather resistance and longevity.
  4. Shape: Experiment with rounded, sloping, or straight-edge awnings to find the best fit for your storefront. An AI art generator can help you with this.
  5. Awning Style: Your awning’s style speaks volumes about your brand. A traditional style conveys a classic, time-honored business, while a modern design signals a more forward-thinking brand.
  6. Lighting: LED strip lights or spotlights can illuminate your branding at night and make your establishment more inviting.
  7. Awning Valances: A valance hangs from the front edge of an awning, providing additional space for branding and design elements.
  8. Awning Operation: Manual, motorized, or fixed? Consider which type of awning is best for your business needs and budget.

Who Sells & Installs Business Awnings?

A quick online search can lead you to local businesses specializing in awning sales and installation. Make sure they offer:

  • Expertise: The company should have ample experience with commercial awning design and installation.
  • Warranty: The company should warrant their products and services for peace of mind.
  • Customization Options: Partner with a company that can customize your awning to your specifications.
  • Quality Products: Ask about the materials they use and check customer reviews.
  • Customer Service: Look for a business that goes above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

That said, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Aero Shade, one of the oldest and most trusted retailers of custom window treatments and awnings in metro Los Angeles. We check all items on the above list, plus a few more, with a resounding “yes!”

Please call us to schedule a free estimate for a business awning, or stop by our Los Angeles showroom to discuss your wants, needs, and budget. 323-457-2835.

FAQs: Answering Your Queries about Business Awnings

Q: Do awnings require a lot of maintenance?

Not really! Regular cleaning and occasional checks for wear and tear are usually enough to keep them in top shape.

Q: What type of awning is best for windy areas?

Retractable awnings are typically the best choice for windy areas as they can be rolled up during harsh conditions to prevent damage.

Q: How are awnings attached to buildings?

Awnings have sturdy brackets that are bolted to the wall. The exact method of attachment may vary depending on the type and design of the awning.

Q: Are awnings waterproof?

Many awnings are water-resistant, but not all are fully waterproof. The level of water resistance depends on the canopy material.

Q: How long does an awning typically last?

With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality awning can last over 10 years. Lifespan depends on the material used and local weather conditions.

Q: Can I change the fabric on my awning?

Yes, most awnings are designed in a way that the fabric can be changed when it shows wear or you desire a different style.

Q: Can an awning damage my building’s facade?

When properly installed, awnings shouldn’t damage your building’s facade. However, incorrect installation can cause issues — another reason to use a professional service.

Q: Do I need a permit to install an awning?

A: Permit requirements vary by location. If you buy your awning from Aero Shade, we’ll handle the permit for you.

Q: Can an awning add value to my property?

Yes, an awning can boost a property’s value by enhancing its aesthetic appeal and providing practical benefits like energy efficiency and outdoor comfort.

Q: Can motorized awnings be manually operated?

In most cases, motorized awnings can also be manually operated in the event of a power outage or motor failure.

Q: Do awnings provide UV protection?

Many awnings offer UV protection to shield customers and furnishings from harmful UV rays.