9 Great Home Office Window Treatments for the Remote Work Warrior

A woman sitting at a desk with a cat looking out the window.

Congrats! You landed that remote work position you’ve been bucking for all these years.

No more traffic snarls or 90-minute commutes to the office, where you’ll be chained to a cubicle until it’s time to catch the 5:30 traffic jam home. You’re a free person!

Now you can pretend to work, as Elon Musk refers to telecommuting, or you can get busy creating the optimal environment for work from home, starting with your adjustable desk and ergonomic chair and moving on to the best window treatments for light and productivity.

How Window Treatments Boost Work Performance

Imagine a workspace flooded with harsh sunlight or lacking the privacy for focused work. Quality window treatments mitigate these issues, offering excellent light and privacy control. They go beyond mere aesthetics, enhancing your productivity and comfort.

Studies reveal that natural light can boost productivity.

  • Workers with windows receive 173 % more white light exposure during work hours, leading to an additional 46 minutes of sleep per night compared to their window-less counterparts (American Academy of Sleep Medicine).
  • Natural light helps keep our internal body clocks in check. A well-tuned circadian rhythm leads to improved sleep patterns and better health, thus improving work performance (WebMD).
  • A room bathed in sunlight keeps your workspace feeling fresh and vibrant. You’ll be more motivated and alert throughout the day.

Then, you’ll need to strike the right balance of natural light — not too much to cause glare and not too dim to cause strain. This is where the magic of window treatments comes in! They manage light exposure, reduce glare, and create a conducive environment for extended periods of focused work.

Best Home Office Window Treatments

1. Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds offer precise control of the light entering your workspace. With a twist, you can dial in the perfect amount of sunshine to keep your office lit just as you like — no more squinting at a glaring screen or straining your eyes in a dim room.

Blinds come in various materials, from natural wood for that cozy, rustic vibe to metal or vinyl for a more modern aesthetic. Wood blinds have slightly better insulation properties.

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for large windows or sliding glass doors, providing excellent light control and privacy. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for those who don’t have time for weekly upkeep.

3. Roller Shades

Roller shades are a more budget-friendly option than blinds (usually). They’re available in different opacity levels, from light-filtering to blackout, allowing you to choose how much natural light enters your workspace. Their streamlined and minimalist design is ideal for a modern office.

Looking for something simple? Opt for a solid, light-colored shade, which can enhance the sense of space in a room and keep it bright and lively.

Consider roller shades with geometric patterns or florals to make a bold or whimsical statement.

4. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades have insulating honeycomb-shaped cells to keep your workspace cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. These shades also come in various light-filtering opacities, making them a good choice for a home office.

Cellular shades are available in a broad spectrum of colors; they typically don’t work as well with patterns because of their textured, origami-like surface.

5. Woven Wood Shades

Made of natural materials like bamboo, reeds, grasses, and jute, woven wood shades are a stylish and eco-friendly choice. Don’t confuse them with bamboo slat shades, though. Woven wood shades are more like roller shades that gracefully roll up and down to control light and privacy.

Their organic textures and patterns can add visual interest to your workspace. Plus, they gently filter sunlight to create a warm, inviting ambiance.

6. Solar Shades

Solar shades might be your best match if you’re in the market for a window treatment offering superior light control without blocking your view.

These modern marvels, made from high-quality, UV-blocking fabrics, let you enjoy the benefits of natural light while minimizing glare and heat gain. Think of them as sunglasses for your windows.

They’re a top-notch choice for home offices with stunning outdoor views or exposure to harsh sunlight. Solar shades help maintain a comfortable temperature in your workspace while protecting your eyes and skin from UV exposure and ensuring you can work comfortably without squinting or experiencing screen glare.

7. Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades

Top-down/bottom-up shades offer versatility unmatched by traditional blinds or shades. These shades can be adjusted from the top down or the bottom up, giving you ultimate control over light and privacy. Need to let in a bit of sunshine without compromising your privacy? Just lower the top part. Want to enjoy the view outside while blocking the harsh sunlight? Raise the bottom part.

These shades are an exceptional choice for home offices due to their flexibility.

8. Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains give you a balance of privacy and natural light. They’re hung halfway up the window, allowing sunlight to stream in from the top while maintaining privacy at the bottom.

You’ll have a more vibrant and energizing workspace without the worry of prying eyes. These curtains also bring charm and coziness to your office and help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

9. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters provide superior light control, allowing you to adjust the broad slats to balance light and privacy.

Their solid construction offers an additional layer of insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.

Plantation shutters lend a distinct air of elegance and sophistication. They come in various colors and finishes and are easily customizable to suit any window size or office decor.

Where to Find Window Treatments for Your Home Office

Now that you know which window treatments to consider, where can you find them?

Home decor stores and specialty retailers carry a range of window treatment options. You can also check out their websites for online shopping.

Local shops may have unusual and affordable options. Plus, supporting local businesses is always a good idea for your community!

And if you live in the metro Los Angeles area, Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings is your best bet. We’ve been in business since 1947 and have mounted custom blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains in some of LA’s premier homes and businesses.

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FAQs: Home Office Window Treatments

Q: Which material is best for window treatments to maximize light control in my home office?

Consider horizontal blinds or plantation shutters, which precisely control the light entering your workspace. Also, cellular, solar, and roller shades with light-filtering opacities are good options.

Q: My home office has large windows; what’s the best window treatment for them?

Vertical blinds or panel track systems are your best bet for large windows or sliding glass doors. They provide excellent light control and privacy and are easy to clean and maintain.

Q: Can window treatments reduce outside noise in my home office?

Some window treatments can act as an additional barrier between your workspace and the outside environment. Look for options with extra insulation, such as cellular shades or layered curtains. Shutters can also insulate against noise.

Q: Are there any window treatments that can help diffuse harsh sunlight in my home office without making it too dim?

Yes, roller and solar shades are excellent options for diffusing harsh sunlight while allowing some natural light to enter your workspace. They come in various opacities, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. Additionally, cellular shades gently filter sunlight, creating a softer ambiance without completely blocking the sun.

Q: Can window treatments improve energy efficiency in my home office?

Cellular shades are known for their energy efficiency because their honeycomb structure traps air, creating a barrier between your office and the window. This helps to keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Q: Which window treatments are easiest to clean and maintain?

A: Roller shades, vertical blinds, and plantation shutters are relatively easy to clean. You can usually dust them off with a soft cloth or use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Q: What’s a stylish yet functional option for window treatment in my office?

Woven wood shades are an excellent choice. They add a natural, organic touch to your office while offering good control over light and privacy.

Q: Is there a window treatment that offers privacy at night but admits light during the day?

Top-down/bottom-up shades are excellent for this. You can lower them from the top to let in natural light while keeping the bottom part closed for privacy.

Q: Can window treatments protect my furniture from sun damage?

Solar shades block harmful UV rays while letting in natural light. This helps prevent your furniture and decor from fading due to sun exposure.