Stores & Stories: Aero Shade Then & Now

A painting of a street scene with a car parked in front of a store.

Back Then: Drivers and vehicles stand at the ready in front of Coast Venetian Blinds on Santa Monica Boulevard. The company has since changed location and is now owned by Aero Shade, but the service remains the same.

Over 200 years of experience distinguishes the staff at Aero Shade, which means that customers get only the best in service and products. Aero also includes under its company banner Coast Venetian Blinds and West Los Angeles Shade — and all three firms have been around since the early 1940s, installing and servicing window treatments for thousands of clients across LA and California.

The company is co-owned by Jack Pitson and Mario Soulema, who are backed by a staff of nine who know just about everything about blinds, shutters and shades.

Though the company is constantly expanding, Pitson adds the other company names are still used because they are still familiar with many customers. In fact, says Pitson, customers often come in with old blinds which were originally installed decades ago by the three firms.

According to the company owners, blinds were originally made of wood and are now available in many different materials and colors; in fact. Aero installed a set of motorized blinds in some government offices over a year ago. But, one thing has never changed — dedication to quality and customer satisfaction!

Aero Shade is located at 8404 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA.

– Reprint Courtesy of The Beverly Press