Aero Shade, Somfy & the Net-Zero Energy Bridge House: A Green Building Triumph

The Bridge House kitchen

How much energy goes out the window? Probably more than you realize.

According to the EPA, heating and cooling account for about 53% of energy use in the average American home. Windows are a significant source of heat gain during summers and heat loss during winters. The bigger the windows, the bigger the problem can be. The window treatments you choose can make almost as much of a difference as the windows themselves, regulating the heat that enters or escapes your home.

Aero Shade & The Bridge House Project

The Bridge House project in Hancock Park, Michigan, is a triumph of innovation and eco-friendly construction. This 4,500 sq. ft. architectural marvel, designed by renowned architect Dan Brunn, boasts breathtaking views of Pier Cove Valley and Lake Michigan. It’s a net-zero house that generates energy onsite and uses clean, renewable resources sparingly, making it a model for sustainable living.

Aero Shade Co., in partnership with Somfy, provided energy-saving motorized window shades for the project. Efficiency sometimes comes at the cost of aesthetics, but the Bridge House window treatments are just as striking and modern as the architecture on display.

A Glimpse into the Bridge House

Harmony with Nature

The Bridge House runs along an east-west axis to maximize passive solar exposure. It sits high on the natural terrain to capture sunlight and allow air circulation. Its jet-black exterior mirrors the look of nearby jetties.
Once owned by landscape architect O.C. Simonds, the property hosts a diverse variety of plant species and offers stunning views of the area. This immersive experience exemplifies the finest in architectural and environmental design.

Aero Shade’s Contribution: Energy-Conserving Motorized Shades

State-of-the-art motorized window shades match the building’s aesthetics and help regulate heat transfer through windows, thus optimizing heating and cooling.

The house’s sustainability features, including double-glazed windows, a highly insulated thermal envelope, and efficient appliances, are complemented by energy-conserving shades that provide a layer of insulation during inclement weather.

Seamless Integration with Somfy Motorization Systems

Somfy motorization systems are known for their reliability and and cutting-edge technology. Customized, energy-saving motorized shades helped reduce energy demands and added to the overall appeal and sustainability of the Bridge House.

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

The Bridge House in Hancock Park, Michigan, is a prime example of modern architecture blending with nature and promoting sustainability.

Aero Shade has achieved similar results in Los Angeles for local businesses and homeowners, installing thousands of cellular, insulated, and motorized shades that raise and lower automatically according to weather conditions.

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(Photo courtesy of Somfy)