Vertical Blinds

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A modern living room with grey roller blinds.

Vertical blinds are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and relatively cheap.

The cons? They can be downright boring. They don’t age well and lack privacy and insulation.

But there are plenty of great alternatives to replace those fusty vertical blinds, and they don’t have to cost a king’s ransom.

An old window with wooden shutters on a brick wall.
But now comes the sticky problem: what to do with the old blinds. Do you toss the old blinds in the trash? The thought may rankle you if you save every scrap for recycling. Aluminum and vinyl blinds are recyclable (with caveats), but what about wood? Faux wood? Fabric? You...
A bedroom with a bed and a dresser.
Choosing window treatments can feel like a dizzying maze of options. Blinds or shades? Curtains or drapes? Solid color or patterned? Motorized or manual? Even within the blinds family, there’s room for debate. Wide slats or narrow? What material? And then there’s the most significant point of contention — do...