For more than 50 years, Aero Shade has provided residents and businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area with custom window treatments, from blinds, shutters, shades, and awnings, and from the hand operated to the mechanical, we pretty much do it all. It is our experience with window coverings, as well as our excellent customer service, that sets us apart from the rest. No matter what type of window treatment you may need, at your home or business, we at Aero Shade can help make your dream come into fruition, with impeccable style, and always within your budget.

About West Hollywood

Surrounded by the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Grove, the Hollywood district and Beverly Hills, there is no doubt that the residents and businesses within West Hollywood have impeccable style and taste that is worth showing off. At Aero Shade, we too call West Hollywood our home, and we pride ourselves on being able to cater to the needs of all its inhabitants. We can create customs blinds, shutters and shades that look amazing in your home and control the amount of light and heat you are exposed to within. We also can install awnings on the outside of your property that further protect you and your guests from the strong Southern California sunshine. So what exactly is it that we do at Aero Shade? Please read on to understand all of the intricacies of our services and products to see how we may best serve you.

About Aero Shade’s Products

We have a lot of ways to dress up your windows to make them look great while providing respite from direct sunlight and inherent heat, all of which you can control in a variety of ways. In addition to aesthetic appeal and the ability to block unwanted sunshine and heat, our assorted window treatments are also highly energy efficient. This helps to ensure that you do not waste energy by relying on air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable during intense periods of heat. At Aero Shade, our products come in a range of designs and prices that are friendly to all, and allow anyone to have beautiful, quality, highly-functional window products that keep you contented and energy savvy. Our most popular products and services include:

Custom Shades – Window shades are a classic window treatment found in many homes and businesses across the area. Traditional roller shades are named for their rolling action, which allows you to move the shade up and down over the window to regulate the amount of light and heat entering the room, whereas Roman shades often times have pleats that make them similar to blinds. Beautiful woven wood shades provide protection from UV damage while also looking stunningly natural, while Stationary shades typically cover only the top portion of the window. With Aero Shade, you can completely customize the type of shade for your home or business, with your choice of valence, pull cord, fringes, trim, and hem.

Custom Blinds – Window blinds are another timeless style your home or business may be crying out for, and we at Aero Shade have any possible variation you could want. Blinds come in a variety of materials and styles, and typically add a gorgeous touch to the style of the room they grace. Custom wood blinds add a sharp yet rustic touch, and close easily to provide shade and privacy. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of fabrics and styles, and simply slide closed vertically from a sliding device at the top of the window. For a more modern look, metal blinds are a popular choice and are capable of keeping a room cool during the hottest time of day.  

Custom Shutters – Shutters are the ultra-durable, slatted window covering that provide excellent protection from sun and heat, while being completely adjustable. Shutters tend to be made from wood, for a classic warmth that is difficult to replicate, to synthetic waterproof polyvinyl, which is more affordable and adds a modern touch to a room. At Aero Shade, we also specialize in energy efficient and aesthetically appealing plantation shutters, which are built with wider louvres, allowing for more airflow or more privacy, depending on whether they are open or shut.

Custom Awnings – It’s hard to picture a reputable storefront of business that does not provide its guests with protection from direct sunlight and heat. This is often accomplished through the use of awnings, which are typically built above windows and entryways and propel forward from the building when in full operation. Awnings are also popular above windows at residences. At Aero Shade, we also create customized awnings as free standing structures for you to have outside your home, which serves as a structure to protect yourself and guests from the elements while enjoying time outdoors. Awnings also come in manual retractable options, with which an individual must crank a built-in metal hand lever or tug at a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the awning. For a more modern and convenient system, we also offer motorized awnings, where the awning is activated by the use of a remote control you can use with ease.

Why Choose Aero Shade?

When you chose to work with us at Aero Shade, you have the assurance of working with experts backed by over 50 years of experience. We can help you customize your window treatment, whether you choose an awning, blinds, shutters, or shades, making sure you are happy with the treatment you choose. Our products and customized creations have been featured in world-class home magazines and have been requested by illustrious clientele. No matter the customer, we treat everyone like family, since we are a family operated business. Our passion is window treatments, and we work hard to provide the very best throughout Los Angeles.

Take the short ride out to our luxury showroom in Beverly Hills where you can see all the different window treatments we offer and see for yourself how they work. For more information, or if you have a question, please call us at 323-457-2835.