A backyard can be a wonderful space to relax and enjoy nature. However, too much sun can ruin the fun! Whether creating a nice area to eat, lounge, or relax outdoors, shade is the key to a comfortable outdoor space. Awnings are the solution to making a space where children can play outdoors without getting sunburn.

How can you achieve this? Awnings are a beautiful and practical option for shading your backyard space. With a wide variety of awnings in existence, you can pick from the available options to meet your needs. Below are some of the most popular awning types, with ideas for how they might work in your backyard.

Stationary Awnings

These awnings are designed to stay in place once they are installed. These awnings are also great if you’d like to have permanent shade in your outdoor space. In addition, the frame of the awning is attached to a wall of your house. Next, beautiful, sturdy cloth is stretched over the frame to create the shade. You can choose the colors of the cloth you’d like to match your patio furniture or house.

Sometimes, the cloth can even be removed from the frame in the event that you’d like to let the sun in. However, if you think you’ll be doing this frequently, it may be better to consider one of the retractable options.

A stationary awning is made to hold up under all weather conditions. The sturdy frame does not have any moving parts, so these awnings are usually quite durable.

Motorized Awnings

These awnings can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. A motorized awning can create a nicely shaded area, but can quickly be converted into a sunny (or starry!) space.  These awnings are ideal for smaller spaces that need shade. Attached to one of the walls of your house, they can be extended and contracted as needed. Some even allow the option to be remotely controlled with a smartphone.

Depending on your needs, you may choose a motorized awning that completely protects the awning when retracted, or one that leaves some of the awning exposed. There are many options and styles available for motorized awnings. It’s a good idea to explore the options before purchasing one.

Slide Wire Cable Awnings

This style of awning is more versatile and can be used to shade a patio, pool, or walkways. With a unique style that lends itself to billowing or stretched cloth, slide wire cable awnings can cover large extensions. They are also quite simple to operate, as the cloth can be stretched out as long as you’d like. They can also easily be moved with snaps. Slide wire cable awnings also lend themselves very nicely to customized design, and look lovely when several extensions are used side-by-side.

Manual Awnings

Similar to mechanized awnings, these are simpler to use and are controlled manually. Usually, manually operated awnings are controlled by ropes and pulleys or hand cranks. These awnings can be conveniently retracted to avoid weather damage, or to let sunlight in. Manual awnings can be custom made to cover large areas, and are also quite versatile. They may be used to cover a patio, part of a deck, pool area, or even cover a portion of your driveway. Manual awnings are often very durable because there are no mechanized pieces that can be damaged.

These are just some of the many awning options that are ideal for covering backyard spaces.  Now you should feel better equipped to select an awning that meets your needs and stylistically aligns with your living space. Many awning companies also offer customized awnings. This allows you to create the perfect, personalized awning. Suffer no more excessive sun and begin to truly enjoy your outdoor space – look for an awning today!

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