Serving the Residents of Santa Monica

For the last several decades, Aero Shade has been providing the residents and businesses of the greater Los Angeles area with the most superb window treatments available. We are especially honored to work with the fine business in Santa Monica, as well as create custom window treatments for the beautiful homes in the area. No matter what you are in the market for, be it blinds on the windows in the bedroom or a retractable awning above the windows on your patio, we have the best selection and lowest prices around.

It is our goal to provide the best customizable window treatments combined with the greatest customer service experience, so that you will want to work with us time and again. Santa Monica is known for its upscale living, as well as for being an area with outstanding natural beauty. At Aero Shade, we want to complement that natural beauty with our custom products and services, so that the homes and businesses in Santa Monica are always in harmony with our gorgeous surroundings.

About Our Window Treatments

You may be surprised at just how many types of custom window treatments we sell here at Aero Shade. All of our products are customizable as well. Please read on to learn about all the window coverings and accessories we specialize in. We can also create a custom look just for you, so really, the possibilities are endless! Below are just some of our most requested creations and how they make your home look and feel stunning:

Window Blinds – Window blinds have the ability to combine an effortless and modern look while promoting efficiency. At Aero Shade, we sell blinds made of wood and metal, for a timeless look, as well as fabric blinds, which give a room a softer appearance, and even blinds that open vertically, moving from side to side as you wish. Blinds allow you to control the amount of light and heat that enters a room, which is particularly important in Santa Monica and all of Southern California.

Indoor Window Shutters – Window shutters are ideal for keeping out light and helping control a room’s temperature. Our variety of custom-built plantation shutters and our premium hardwood shutters are most popular, and we also have a great range of painted shutters as well as synthetic shutters which are more cost efficient. Each of these types of shutters offers a unique aesthetic appearance in addition to their functional uses.

Window Shades – At Aero Shade, we have a large selection of custom window shades that will make a stunning addition to your home. Roman shades, similar to Venetian blinds, are made of fabric and open and close vertically. Roller shades use a rolling mechanism so that they easily glide across your window and have many features that allow them to control the amount of light in the room. We also carry woven wood shades, as well as stationary shades, and so much more.

Outdoor Awnings – Our custom awnings provide shade and respite from the elements, and can be placed above windows, doors, patios and porches. They are made of a durable material stretched across a metal frame or cable. At Aero Shade, we specialize in stationary awnings, manual retractable awnings, motorized awnings with Lutron motors for easy opening and retracting action, and slide wire cable awnings which can cover a large amount of space and be hand retractable or motorized. These are top choices for your home or business, as they provide excellent coverage and look great doing so.

Tinting and Frosting – These are two window treatment techniques that we specialize in at Aero Shade, and is not something just anyone can effectively produce. Window tinting is achieved when thin layers of Mylar laminate are applied to the window in order to produce the amount of tint you desire. While you can still see through the treated window from the inside, those on the outside cannot, allowing for an excellent amount of privacy. By the processes of sandblasting and acid etching, we can create a window frosting finish for you too. Your window will have the appearance of frosted glass, and prevents clear vision through either side of the window.

Why Choose Aero Shade?

When you decide to work with us at Aero Shade, you will find a company with unparalleled customer service and a vast array of superior window treatment products. It has been our special privilege to serve the residents and businesses throughout Southern California, and we look forward to working with more individuals in Santa Monica. We carry a stunning array of window treatments to cover your windows and doorways, for inside and outside of your property, and our incredible designers can also work with you to create the custom item of your dreams. No matter what look you are going for – classic, modern, green – we have the items and technology to create the look and functionality you want.

At Aero Shade, we understand the importance of aesthetic appearance, as well as the need for structure and functionality, so this is what we strive to bring each and every customer we work with. We also create products that are eco-friendly, so that with the use of a shade, blind, awning, window tint, etc., you will be able to control the amount of sunlight entering your home, and therefore the amount of heat. With our line of window treatments, you can block as much direct sunlight as you wish, which will help reduce the temperature and the amount of energy you need to use to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. It is important to us to be environmentally friendly.

Call us today at 323-655-2411 to schedule a free in-home estimate, and visit our store in Los Angeles Monday through Friday to see for yourself all of our wonderful window treatment products and accessories. You can also try our window treatments for yourself, as well as consult with our friendly professionals. No matter what, we at Aero Shade will work to create the window treatments you want.