Bay windows are often a room’s main architectural point of interest. However, they also pose some unique design challenges for homeowners. For starters, the windows in your home may not be a particularly good fit for the stock curtains available in most stores. Fortunately, by working with a custom curtain designer and installer, you can solve your design dilemma and revive the beauty of any room outfitted with a bay window.

Why Are Bay Windows So Difficult to Cover?

Let’s begin by investigating exactly why you can run into such difficulties finding the right curtains for your bay windows. A big source of problems here is the broad range of bay window types built into homes across America. Depending on the choices made by the company that built your home, you may have relatively shallow or relatively deep window bays. The width of the windows in any given bay can also vary significantly, and you may even have windows of differing widths installed in a single bay. Finally, you may have recessed bay windows that sit flush with the wall of your room and provide no additional floor space, or windows that form part of a room alcove with additional floor space.

All of this variation means one thing: There is no single one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to identifying the right types of curtains for your bay windows. And that’s before you even begin to account for your personal tastes in curtain fabrics and patterns. Regrettably, when you limit your purchasing options to the items available from stock curtain suppliers, you must work within the often narrow confines of their existing inventory. This typically means that you substantially reduce your chances of finding bay window curtains that match your own sense of aesthetics while also fitting the physical requirements of the windows installed in your home.

Designer Curtains Give You the Freedom You Need

When you call on the services a reputable custom window curtain designer and installer, you automatically escape the limitations that hamper you when you only consider premade, off-the-shelf options. No matter what type of bay windows you have installed in various rooms throughout your home,  you can account for all particulars and details from the very beginning of the design and fabrication process. For example, if you have a bay with three equal-width windows set into an alcove, you can select a curtain rod and curtain configuration that best suits that bay. The same freedom is available to you for any other conceivable bay window layout.

Revive Your Rooms to Suit Your Tastes

Now that you’re working with a custom curtain designer and installer, you can take the time to consider every aspect of your current or upcoming room revival project. Have a preference for curtain panels? You can incorporate these into your overall design scheme. Want to combine bay-spanning curtains with individual shades for each window? You can customize every detail of both types of window coverings. Have a particular type of curtain hardware in mind? You can match you hardware and curtain options as you see fit. A full-service designer and installer will help you with every step of the process, from curtain material selection to an exacting installation that meets your highest standards for professional excellence.