Aero Shade Co. Pasadena City Page

Aero Shade Co. is your window treatment expert. With more than 50 years serving Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles Area, we have the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to ensure that your home or business will look and function at its best. From blinds to shutters to shades and more, we have the custom window treatments you need to get the look you want.

Our History

While our range of products and services might make it hard to believe, Aero Shade Co. started out as a small side business. Founded by Jack Pitson and Mario Soulema, it originally focused strictly on mini-blinds, capitalizing what has come to be known as the “mini-blind craze.” In 1988, the two acquired Aero Shade Co., which at that time was just a small shade shop in Los Angeles.

Now, with nearly three decades since we acquired the name, we have become a one-stop shop for all of Pasadena’s custom window covering needs. Our showroom has samples of thousands of products, allowing customers to see, feel, and test the products before they buy. While the majority of our sales are in shades, we also sell a large amount of draperies, wood blinds, cellular shades, Roman shades, and more.

Custom Blinds

Blinds are where we got our start, and we are still dedicated to offering you the very best. To help you achieve the precise look you want, we offer many different styles of custom blinds. Some of the styles we offer our Pasadena customers include the following.

  • Wood Blinds: Sold in both natural and faux wood, and with many different stain options, these blinds help to give your space a natural feel. Wood blinds offer plenty of privacy and are also easy to clean.
  • Metal Blinds: These blinds offer plenty of privacy and are also more affordable than other styles of blinds. Giving an ultra-modern look, they are great for contemporary designs. Available in multiple colors and sizes, metal blinds offer many design options.
  • Vertical Blinds: Designed for sliding glass doors and large windows that horizontal blinds cannot cover, these blinds offer both style and privacy. We offer vertical blinds in a multitude of textures, colors, and fabrics.

Custom Shutters

Shutters are a great way to give a space privacy while also adding visual interest. While they were once the window covering of choice, shutters are no longer very common, which gives them extra attention when used. Great for helping your home stand out from the rest of the homes in Pasadena, we offer multiple types of shutters.

  • Wood Shutters: These shutters bring warmth and depth to the room. All of our shutters are made from premium hardwood and are fine-crafted in the tradition of dovetail joinery and use multiple-coat finishes.
  • Synthetic Shutters: An affordable alternative to wood shutters, these shutters are durable, weather-resistant, and nearly identical to wood shutters. In addition to their price, they are better suited to certain environments than wood shutters are, especially damp and humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Plantation Shutters: These window coverings are some of the most popular shutters we offer. Highly versatile, and adding to the value of your home or business, they work with almost any design. Some of the styles we offer are single panel, multiple panel, and café-style plantation shutters.

Custom Shades

Our custom shades come in a range of styles, each one with its own characteristics and applications. We keep a comprehensive selection of products so that you always have access to the window coverings you need for your Pasadena home or business. Among the shades we offer are:

  • Roller Shades: If you are looking for shades that can be hidden from view when not in use, roller shades are the right option. These shades roll right to the top of the window when you pull on the cord or the bottom of the shade. We offer roller shades in various colors, designs, and levels of transparency.
  • Roman Shades: Roman shades are made from the same, soft fabric as curtains, but rather than pulling to the sides, they open and close vertically. There are multiple styles you can choose from, including flat shades and pleated shades.
  • Woven Wood Shades: These shades offer a very unique look that few have seen before. Using wood, reeds, or bamboo—or perhaps a mixture of materials—these woven shades offer privacy and texture that helps the space feel more natural.

Custom Awnings

Custom awnings are a great way to offer shade to a space without obstructing the view. We offer several types of awnings for your Pasadena home or business. Among the types of awnings we offer are:

  • Stationary Awnings: Also called fixed awnings, these are awnings that are permanently fixed above a doorway or window. When used on a storefront, they offer shelter for guests as well as shade. They can also help lower your energy costs by reducing the heat from the sun.
  • Manual Retractable Awnings: These awnings are permanently attached to the building, but can be raised or lowered as needed. Since you can put them down during storms, they are a safer option than stationary awnings, but their size is limited.
  • Slide Wire Cable Awnings: These rectangular panels are strung between cables. They can be used to cover large expanses of outdoor space, making them ideal for patios or decks. We can easily customize the system to cover areas of any size.

Other Custom Services

In addition to the window coverings above, we also offer window tinting, window frosting, and motorization of window coverings. Window tinting allows you to control the amount of light entering a room while still leaving the view from the window unobstructed. Window frosting obscures the view from a window while still allowing light to pass through with ease. Finally, motorization allows you to operate your window coverings using a motorized system rather than adjusting them physically.

The Aero Shade Difference

For more than 50 years, Aero Shade Co. has been offering Pasadena quality custom shades, blinds, shutters, and awnings. Our goal is to make your experience fun, easy, and seamless. With commercial and residential treatments available, we can make homes and businesses look stunning. For the best blinds in the Greater Los Angeles Area, turn to us.