Sliding glass doors are a great feature to have in most homes. They give you easy access to your outdoor space, allow you to make the most of the beautiful weather, and make it easy to fill your home with tons of natural light. However, a big downside for many homeowners and renters is figuring out how to dress these doors. For decades, the standard has been patio blinds—the long, usually stark-white blinds that can be pulled back and forth across the doors. But for those with modern tastes, these simply will not do.

Not to mention that they don’t quite do enough to keep light out at night, which is a big deal when you have sliding glass doors in your bedroom. A stylish alternative is to use blackout curtains. However, there are plenty of ways this can go wrong. To help, check out our tips for matching blackout curtains to your sliding glass doors and your room’s theme.

First, Go Long

This is a good rule for windows as well as sliding glass doors. The longer the curtains, the more elegant the space looks. However, when dealing with sliding glass doors, you need even more length than you would with windows. You want the curtains to start a few inches above the door and you need them to come all the way to the floor. This is both for looks and function, as you need the curtains to touch the floor to truly block out the light.

Second, Go Wide

Just like you need the length to go beyond the doors enough to keep light out, you need the width to do the same. Try to give yourself a couple of inches on each side of the door. Depending on the panels you choose, you may need to use more than you originally expected, but that is okay.

Third, Decide How Bold to Go

You know how accent walls are popular? Well, with bold curtains, you can achieve the same effect without needing to paint the room. To do this, look at the theme of your room and pick out the most vibrant or stand-out color. Then, order your curtains in that color.

Another option is to purchase patterned curtains. However, this is a little more risky. A little pattern is great, but you can have too much of a good thing. Before you decide, look at your space and see how many patterned items are there. A solid rug, a couple patterned throw pillows, and patterned curtains can work, but a patterned rug, patterned curtains, and lots of patterned throw pillows will feel like you are going overboard.

But what if you feel like solid is too boring, yet you already have too many patterned accessories? In this case, look into ombre curtains. These add a little more flavor to the space without it becoming overwhelming.

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