Proudly Serving Malibu

A gem on the California coastline, Malibu is a stunning residential and beach area where locals enjoy the unmatched beauty of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains and bluffs. The fresh sea breeze and sunny weather are just some of the many magnificent features that homeowners in Malibu can enjoy year round. However, in order to keep your home cool, comfortable, and beautiful in this paradise, you’ll certainly need some stylish custom window treatments. Aero Shade Co. has been providing excellence in custom window treatments for the Malibu area since its foundation in 1947.

Our clients in the Malibu area require versatile systems that allow them to open up their homes to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, but also provide cover from the sun’s powerful rays. Many enjoy a blurring of indoor and outdoor space popular in Southern California design. Aero Shade Co. offers a full range of products able to meet these needs and provide style for your home. From blinds to shutters to shades and awnings, our line of window coverings is comprehensive, providing the best in the business. Within these categories, we offer manually operated and electrical options so that you can operate your window coverings with the ease of pressing a button.


Our offerings in blinds include a variety of styles which vary in their sun-blocking properties. This style of window covering is versatile as they can provide near complete protection from the sun and also be maneuvered to cause almost zero interference for the window, giving you access to the full panorama of the Malibu horizon. From wide, vertical blinds, to natural wooden blinds, to lighter colored synthetic options, blinds are certainly a stylish option for protecting your Malibu home from the sun’s rays and heat.


In a similar way shutters provide protection like blinds do, but are more stationary.  This is ideal for areas of your Malibu home where you’d like additional privacy, such as the bathroom. Shutters can provide near complete coverage of the window and also allow light to filter through the louvers. Accommodating in style, the popular wide-louvered plantation style shutters allow for greater visibility to the outdoors when opened.


Shades can also provide versatile protection from the sun. Shades are large pieces of synthetic or natural material that can be pulled down to provide protection from the sun and heat. The benefit in style here is that they can also provide translucency, softening the light that enters your home. Many homeowners in Malibu prefer this option for some areas of their home, as they desire natural light without suffering the sun directly. Shades are also popular as when retracted, they provide full visibility through the window and the spectacular views Malibu homes often boast. In addition to traditional shades, we also offer popular bottom-up shades which allow light to enter the home, but also offer additional options in privacy.


To enjoy your beautiful patio overlooking Malibu’s fantastic beaches, awnings are the perfect option for providing some cover from the sun. Available in motorized, manual, or stationary presentations, awnings can be a life-saver for those warm summer days. For large spaces, slide wire cable awnings can cover large extensions of space such as walkways or even a pool. Sometimes winds coming off the ocean in the Malibu area can concern homeowners about the stability of awning structures. However, whether stationary or mechanized, our structures are built to last and stand up to the weather.  Our mechanized and retractable awnings are made with this in mind, so you may avoid damage by retracting them. Stationary awnings are made with utmost care to take into consideration these strong winds and inclement weather.

Services for Businesses and Commercial Properties

Also serving businesses in the Malibu area, Aero Shade Co. offers excellent options for window coverings which are attractive, as well as coverings that provide protection from the sun. We offer custom services including adding your logo and business name to an awning, achieving your marketing goals with style. Many businesses and restaurants require shade from the mid-day sun, yet need the flexibility to retract awnings and shades to allow the full glory of the sunset to be enjoyed. You can count on our experience and excellence in window coverings to help you reach this goal.

Customized Creations

Aero Shade Co. knows its customers in the Malibu area many times require custom creations to match the style and colors already existing in their homes. We are able to match wood stains, paint, and the style that you require with careful attention to detail.  Also providing a full range of wooden products to fit in with the natural beauty of the Malibu area, we strive to serve our clients with products that go above and beyond their expectations.

Our Service Commitment to You

In addition to providing excellence in products and the finest quality in materials, we pride our company’s high standard in customer satisfaction and installation services.  We make every effort to please our customers through our impeccable installation skills.  Our professional installers are trained and skilled in getting your window coverings up and running. We leave your space clean and beautiful upon leaving.

Further to our commitment to customers, for your convenience, we are able to visit your home to provide an evaluation and estimate of your windows. This way, we can take measurements and you may view our samples in your own home to see what colors and styles best match your home’s motif. Our staff are knowledgeable about window care, style, and the many products we have to offer. We know that picking the right window coverings can seem overwhelming at times, which is why we offer this very exclusive service.

For the highest in standards in window coverings and customer service in the Malibu area, contact Aero Shade Co. We provide flexibility, beauty and convenience during the purchasing process. Allow our staff to visit your home or business and provide a full evaluation and estimate. We will get you on your way to redressing your windows, providing the protection and flexibility you require. Call today to get started!