Serving Los Angeles

Why do so many people flock to Los Angeles? There are many reasons, from the fun culture to the incredible opportunities to the chance to be so close to the beach. But perhaps the biggest reason to call Los Angeles home is the stunning weather it enjoys. And considering this city is the second largest in the country, it is clear that many others feel the same.

Sunny Southern California is a great place to call home. Of course, all that sunshine does mean that residents need to find ways to shade themselves and their homes. For this, Los Angeles residents consistently turn to Aero Shade Co.

Aero Shade Co. offers custom window coverings, awnings, and more, and has offered top of the line options to Los Angeles residents and businesses for over 50 years. A family-run business, our company is more than a way of making a living; it is truly our pride and joy. As such, we work hard to make sure every job we complete is a job well done.

And as locals, we understand your needs well. We know how microclimates can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and how the orientation of your home can change what you require from us. We offer a full range of window coverings and other items that will help make your Southern California life as comfortable and stylish as possible. From shades to blinds to awnings and more, we have everything you need for your home or business.


Many people think of blinds as boring, something you need for shade and privacy, but not very attractive. That isn’t the case with Aero Shade blinds. We offer such variety that you will easily be able to find the perfect blinds for you. We offer options that vary in translucency, sun blockage, color, and material, ensuring that you aren’t stuck with the usual, boring stock blinds you are no doubt familiar with. We carry vertical blinds, wide sections, thin sections, natural materials, wood blinds, and more. And if you are not sure which blinds are right for you, our in-house designers can help you make a selection that will complement your décor.


In terms of coverage, shutters are similar to blinds in the protection they offer. However, they are not as flexible due to their stationary nature. What they lack in flexibility, they make up for with maximum privacy and incredible style. We recommend using shutters if you live in high-traffic areas where privacy is a major concern and in rooms where you might want a little extra coverage, such as your bathroom and bedroom. While shutters are stationary, the louvers allow you to adjust them so that light can filter through. We offer shutters in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to work with our designers and find the look that is perfect for your home.


If you are looking for a highly versatile option, shades might be the way to go. Shades provide full protection from the sun, but they also make it easy to open them and enjoy the rays when desired. Another benefit to them is that they offer more customization options than blinds and shutters. With wood, cloth, and synthetic materials, your options are endless. We offer our shades in many different styles and sizes and, as with all of our window coverings, are happy to custom-order shades that are perfect for your home.


Living in Los Angeles means treating your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space. But when the sun’s rays are beating down on you, you might feel tempted to retreat back inside. Awnings give you another option. We offer both stationary and retractable options that will allow you to enjoy your backyard or garden no matter the time of day. We offer options small enough to provide shade over a single window and large enough to cover a pool. With a variety of materials and colors to choose from, you can get a custom look perfectly matched to your home.

Services for Businesses and Commercial Properties

Aero Shade Co. has been working with commercial clients for as long as we have been in business. We have dressed windows for restaurants, office spaces, hotels, boutiques, and more. We provide quality, durable products that are ideal for businesses, providing the shade needed to keep products safe and clients comfortable.

Because branding is very important for businesses, we offer the option of customizing any window covering or awning with your business name and/or logo. Our team is happy to work with the designer of your choice, or our in-house designers can help you determine which styles and colors best work with your scheme. By the time all is done, you will have window coverings that are both functional and beautiful, increasing your appeal.

Our Service Commitment to You

While we take great pride in the quality, customized products we offer, this is only part of what makes us stand out amongst the competition. We also offer top-notch customer service, going above and beyond to find the perfect options for you. No matter where you are located in Los Angeles, we are ready to work with you, even coming to your home or business to complete evaluations and help you see what our products will look like in your space. We will handle all the leg work, completing the necessary measurements and arranging for installation.

We also have a showroom in Beverly Hills where you can browse the many options we offer and explore the various styles, colors, and materials you can choose from. And if we do not offer quite what you are looking for, we are ready to customize our products to meet your wants and needs. For an incredible experience with incredible results, Aero Shade Co. is the choice for all Los Angeles residents and businesses. Contact us today so we can get started with improving the comfort and style of your space.