You cringe as you notice your toddler grab the cord that operates the blinds in your child’s room. She could easily get tangled up in the cord, hurting her fingers, or worse! In addition to safety features, there are many other reasons you might choose Duette shades. Discover why they’re so perfect for kids’ bedrooms below:

Keep It Quiet

Has your child ever been roused from their peaceful sleep by a truck passing by or the neighbor’s dog barking? Every parent knows that a quiet environment helps their child sleep longer and better. Duette shades can help you keep your child’s room very quiet. These impressive blinds reduce outside noise by up to 45%!

With these blinds, you’ll enjoy more peaceful nights since your child won’t be disrupted by outside noise.

Temperature Control

Do you have drafty windows? Even if you don’t, remember that the sun’s rays pierce through glass windows easily, heating up a room that should stay cool. In either case, Duette shades solve the problem. These shades keep up to 78% of the sun’s warmth out of the room, reducing your air conditioning costs and making sure your child is cool. In addition, Duette shades help to retain heat inside the room during the winter months. They help keep up to 46% more heat inside the room!

This feature helps make sure that the temperature in your child’s room is comfortable. With a stable, comfortable temperature, your child will sleep peacefully through the night. It might also afford you energy cost savings!

Keep it Dark

The morning sun coming in through the window can make your child an early riser, dragging you out of bed long before you’re ready. If you have a child who’s an enthusiastic morning person, you can solve this problem by choosing one of the blackout options offered by Duette. This way, even if your child’s room has an east-facing window, the sun won’t wake your child before they’re (or you’re) ready. When it’s time to get up, you can open the shades to let the light in.

The light control offered by blackout Duette shades can also block out pesky street lights and car headlights that might bother your child during the night.

Safe for Kids

Remember the scenario about watching your child tangle their fingers in the operation cords of blinds? With Duette shades, you can enjoy easily operating shades without the long, dangerous cords. Instead, these shades use other operating systems such as Smartcord. This system allows you to use one simple cord that even remembers your preferred settings. The cord is child-safe and won’t dangle down low where they can access it.

With Duette shades, you can eliminate manual operations and choose motorized blinds instead. These blinds are operated with a little remote control, or the controls can be installed into your wall. With these controls, you can easily maneuver the blinds without dangling cords or strings.

Easy to Clean

Children come with sticky fingers. Duette shades are designed for easy cleaning so that you can simply wipe away the dirt and grime. These shades feature a special water-resistant coating so that you can even use a bit of soap and water on them if necessary. This feature means that your blinds will withstand even the worst trials your child puts them through.

Ready to pick out your Duette shades? They come in a wide range of colors so that you can pick the perfect match for your child’s nursery or bedroom decor. From light, opaque options to complete blackout choices, you can pick the perfect light control option for your child’s window coverings.

In addition, Duette shades are easily installed to fit perfectly within your window frame. This ensures that you can open the window easily, allowing a pleasant breeze to come in when the weather is nice. You’ll avoid the knocking and banging of shades when you need to access the windows thanks to the customizable size.

As you can see, Duette shades offer the perfect combination of characteristics and features ideal for shades in kids’ bedrooms.

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