Which household chore do you dislike the most? While there are plenty that are tedious or even downright gross, few seem to bother people as much as cleaning their blinds.  However, with the correct approach, this chore doesn’t need to put you in a bad mood. For cleaning wooden and metal blinds, we are going to look at the best ways to clean them.

The Tools

Doing any job right means having the right tools on hand. Due to the shape and spacing of blinds, it’s a good idea to have a specialized cleaning tool. However, if you do not, you can use your kitchen tongs and tie microfiber cloths around the ends. Also handy to have on hand are a vacuum with a dusting attachment, Swiffer dusters, sponges, and microfiber cloths.

The Supplies

Gentle cleaning agents are best for blinds to avoid damaging them. All you need are Dawn dish soap, and for wood blinds, some furniture polish. While there are specialized cleaning sprays and solutions you can purchase, they are not necessary.

Wooden Blinds

If you purchased your wood blinds already stained and sealed, they should have special finish on them designed to repel dirt and resist stains. For simple dusting, you can use the dusting attachment on your vacuum or a Swiffer or microfiber cloth if you are concerned that the vacuum is too strong.

In order to keep your wooden blinds looking great, you will want to polish them from time to time. This should be done about two times a year in most cases. All you need to do is spray the polish onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe all wooden surfaces of the blinds carefully. Be certain not to touch the cords with the polish as this will stain them.

If there are heavier stains on the blinds, such as grease from being part of a kitchen window, you can use plain water to clean them. However, it is vital that you wipe away excess water as you go and that you ensure the blinds are completely dry when you finish. If you don’t, the blinds may discolor or warp.

Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are made from vinyl or aluminum and are favored by homeowners due to their affordability and durability. Metal blinds are difficult to damage, which means you have more options when it comes to cleaning them. For standard upkeep, you can lightly dust with a cloth or use the vacuum attachment.

If, however, the dirt and dust is caked on, you will want to take a stronger approach. Luckily this is easier than with wood blinds. There are two ways you can easily remove dirt and grime from metal blinds.

The first is to take the blinds down one at a time and soak them in the tub, mixing a little Dawn dish soap into the water. After letting them soak for a few minutes, use a sponge to go over the slats and pull the dirt away; if you have a tub with jets, you can skip the sponge and just turn the jets on once the blinds have soaked. Once clean, drain the water and refill to rinse the blinds. You can lay the blinds outside or on towels to dry.

As an alternative, you can clean the blinds outside and skip the tub. Simply squirt a soap and water mixture on the blinds and let them sit in the sun for a few minutes. Once the dirt is loosened up, spray them with a garden hose until they are fully rinsed. You can let them dry on the grass or hang them on the clothes line.

Have Questions? Ask Us!

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