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While sunny days and dramatic scenery help define the appeal of living in the Los Angeles area, constant exposure to the sun’s rays can damage your home’s valuable décor and lead to significant increases in your utility costs. You can control your sunlight exposure, maintain your beautiful views and increase your range of home décor options with roller shade window treatments. At Aero Shade, we carry an extensive selection of custom roller shades that meet the most stringent standards for quality, durability, and design versatility.

Roller Shades Sold in Los Angeles

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What Are Roller Shades?

Roller shades are a diverse family of window coverings that get their name because they feature a rolling action that allows you to pull them down over a window or skylight. Traditional versions of these shades often have a pull cord that passes through a clutch-like mechanism. This mechanism holds the cord in place when engaged, and with simple hand motions, you can use it to adjust a shade to any position between fully open and fully closed. Some roller shades don’t have a pull cord, and allow you to make positional adjustments by pulling on the shade itself. In addition, some modern versions of these shades rely on a wired or wireless motorized system to adjust their position.

Roller shades come in a broad range of transparency levels. Sheer shades let in large amounts of light and allow you to see the world outside your window. Translucent or semi-sheer shades also let in large amounts of light, but don’t let you clearly see outside. Opaque or room-darkening shades block out most of the light coming through a window and sharply lower the light levels in a room. Blackout shades block out almost all sunlight and essentially produce complete darkness in the interior of a room.

Roller shades are also made from a wide variety of materials, from traditional fabrics like linen to thoroughly modern composite fabrics made by blending things such as vinyl and fiberglass. In addition, roller shade fabrics may have unique properties that make them especially useful for specific groups of consumers. For example, some shades are capable of rejecting the potentially damaging UV radiation found in all sunlight. People affected by chemical sensitivities can buy shades made by companies that reduce or avoid the use of possible chemical irritants during the manufacturing process. You can also purchase shades designed to help limit the growth of harmful microorganisms such as mildew, mold and bacteria.

With the wide range of materials and styles available, shopping for just the right roller shade can be a bewildering experience. The window covering experts at Aero Shade have decades of experience customizing and installing these shades in fine homes throughout the Los Angeles area. Our staff members have an encyclopedic knowledge of traditional and modern roller shade technology, and can thoroughly explain the many possible options.

Why Choose Roller Shades?

Custom Self Valance Roller Shades in Los AngelesThere are a number of possible reasons for choosing roller shades for your windows and skylights. First, the available range of transparency levels makes it possible for you to determine just how much light enters your home. This flexibility is enhanced by the ability to raise or lower your shades to a wide range of positions. When lowered, roller shades can also help you control your energy costs by preventing excessive heat buildup in the warmer parts of the year. UV-rejecting shades can help you avoid damage to your furniture and other décor while preserving your ability to let light into your home. A blackout shade can help you create a cozy sleeping environment by keeping any significant amount of outdoor light from reaching a room’s interior.

One of the chief reasons for choosing roller shades is their extensive design flexibility. Manufacturers throughout the U.S. produce hundreds of fabric types for these window coverings, which also come in thousands of pattern designs. In addition, roller shade companies produce a wide variety of accessories that you can use to create specific looks for one room or an entire household. Examples of these accessories include color-coordinated valances that hide a shade’s rolling mechanism, color-coordinated pull cord tassels, and decorative elements such as fringe, trim or scalloped hems.

Customizing Your Roller Shades

Custom Roller Shades from Aero Shade Co in Los Angeles, CA

You can buy stock roller shades from virtually any major home décor or home improvement store in the U.S. Many of these stores carry a reasonable selection of shade types, fabrics and accessories. However, they don’t offer one crucial service that discerning customers frequently need: customization. When you have window coverings specifically created for the rooms in your home, you greatly enhance your ability to produce the design schemes of your dreams.

Top-notch custom window covering companies have a proven record of performing exemplary work. They employ an expert in-house staff, maintain ongoing relationships with high-quality suppliers, and have a history of satisfying the needs of a well-informed client base. The professionals at Aero Shade meet each of these criteria. Whatever type of roller shade you wish to install in your home, we have the reliable expertise required to help you accomplish your design goals and maximize your home’s potential for function and beauty.

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The Aero Shade Experience

Aero Shade Co Roller Shades with Valance on French Doors in Los Angeles, CA

When you spend the money for custom roller shades, you want to know that the products installed in your home will match every detail of your project’s plans. You also want to know that your new window coverings meet a very high standard for quality and durability. In addition, the company you work with must provide an exceptional range of fabric options, color and/or pattern options, and accessories. Finally, you need to know that you will receive top-notch customer service and consideration for your project’s unique requirements.

For over 50 years, the window covering experts at Aero Shade have fulfilled the needs of Los Angeles residents seeking the very best in selection, quality and service. Whether you arrange an onsite consultation in your home or come visit us at our Beverly Hills-area showroom, you will receive the same level of care, dedication and attention to detail. No matter the size of your project, we will consult with you every step of the way and provide you with accurate estimates of cost and the time required to create and install your custom roller shades. Call us today to begin your Aero Shade experience.

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