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Window treatments such as blinds, shades, and shutters are commonly used to protect residences and businesses from unwanted exposure to the elements. However, while these treatments serve a clear functional purpose, they also have a strong visual effect, and their appearance can easily enhance or diminish the beauty of a home or commercial property. At Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings, we fully understand the need to integrate practical and aesthetic considerations when shopping for window coverings. That’s why we carry a full line of window treatment products that you can customize down to the finest detail. It’s also why the residents of Beverly Hills have called on Aero Shade for the very best in affordable quality for more than half a century.

Custom Blinds

Many homeowners and businesses rely on venetian blinds, or other types of horizontal or vertical blinds, as their go-to window treatment option. That’s because blinds can support any design scheme while helping you control light levels, temperature, and the privacy of your indoor environment. The professionals at Aero Shade offer a broad range of fully customizable blinds, including options made from metal, bamboo, and wood. Every product we carry is made from the finest materials, and installed to the highest standards of precision.

Custom Shutters

Window shutters are sturdy window coverings that combine an outer frame with adjustable center-mounted louvers. These louvers make it easy to adjust the light and temperature levels inside a room, and shield the interior of your home from view. When mounted on the outside of a building, shutters also provide excellent protection against the damaging effects of water and high winds. At Aero Shade, we carry a complete line of custom shutters suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Highlights of our inventory include plantation shutters, painted shutters, stained shutters, and synthetic shutters. Whatever your preference, we have the top-quality products you need to meet your design needs.

Custom Shades

Shades are window coverings that feature soft materials rather than the hard materials used for blinds and shutters. Examples of these materials include woods and reeds, fabrics made from traditional textiles, and fabrics made from modern composite textiles. Shades come in a fixed or movable form, and help you control your indoor environment. In ideal circumstances, they also meet your personal tastes and design preferences. Aero Shade makes it easy to find custom shades that suit your current or planned project in every respect. And our highly skilled installers make sure that the final product exemplifies the very best in precision and quality.

Custom Awnings

Fixed and retractable awnings provide excellent protection against both rain and sunlight, and their presence can drastically improve the usefulness of patios, porches and other outdoor spaces. That’s why both homeowners and business owners frequently install these window treatments on their property. Owners of especially large spaces sometimes prefer a type of awning known as a slide wire cable system, which can be readily customized to fit a broad range of outdoor environments. In addition, some property owners prefer to install motorized systems that take the hassle out of opening and closing retractable models. At Aero Shade, we rely on our extensive experience with awning design and installation to deliver a customized product that meets your aesthetic needs, and stands up to the wear and tear of continuous exposure to the elements.

Window Tinting and Frosting

Window tinting is a process that uses thin sheets of a material called Mylar to reduce the amount of light coming through a window, and make interiors less visible to the outside world. Common reasons for installing this treatment include the desire to preserve privacy, the need to avoid the damaging UV rays found in sunlight, and the need to control light levels and the heat gain associated with direct sunlight exposure. Window frosting also relies on the application of Mylar; however, this process is designed to recreate the look of expensive glass sandblasting and acid etching. Like tinting, frosting will increase indoor privacy, in addition to providing you with an extra design element, and helping you shield the interior of your home from unattractive sightlines.

Whether you’re looking for suitable tinting or frosting options, Aero Shade has the products you need to complete your project. And after you make your product selections, you can rely on our professional staff to perform a top-quality installation job that meets your highest expectations. That’s important, because even small installation defects can reduce the effectiveness and visual appeal of tinted and frosted windows.

Motorized Lutron Systems

Window treatment installations in both homes and public buildings often feature motorized systems designed to simplify their daily use and improve their efficiency. While these systems are sometimes mainly used for convenience, they can also prove critical to the operation of blinds, shades, or other treatments installed in hard-to-reach locations or limited spaces. In either situation, high-end motorized systems add to basic push-button functionality by making it possible to pre-program changes to window treatment positioning throughout the day.

At Aero Shade, we feature motorized window treatment systems made by industry leader Lutron. Our inventory of options includes products that work with the vast majority of available covering options, including Roman shades, curtains, draperies, roller shades and venetian blinds. After a consultation, we’ll identify the Lutron product that best suits your needs. Next, we’ll incorporate motorization into your overall customization plan and perform a flawless installation that ensures the proper operation of your system.

Beverly Hills’ Home for Custom Window Treatments

With its spacious homes and rich history as an exclusive celebrity enclave, Beverly Hills is one of the most distinguished communities in the United States. First settled in the early 1800s, the city of roughly 35,000 was officially incorporated in 1914. While located just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills retains a distinctive aura, and maintains its own school district and municipal services. Prominent local landmarks include the Beverly Hilton hotel, Beverly Hills High School, the Pickford estate, and the luxury shopping district of Rodeo Drive.

Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings is headquartered right next door to Beverly Hills at 8404 W. 3rd Street. For nearly 70 years, we have proudly provided residents of the city with custom window coverings that meet the very highest standards of excellence and value. In addition to outfitting many fine homes throughout the area, we have supplied blinds, shades, and other coverings for a number of Los Angeles-area institutions, including UCLA and the University of Southern California. Stop by our showroom today to discover just why Aero Shade is Beverly Hills’ preferred destination for custom window treatments.