Sun in your eyes? Whether you need to install window coverings in a new space or replace a window covering that’s no longer working, blinds are a popular choice. However, as soon as you take a look at the many types of blinds available, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the choices. If you’re on the fence about what type of blinds to purchase for your home, there are some points to consider that will help you make your decision. Read about 5 reasons vertical blinds are a good Fit for your home

When it comes to blinds, first you must choose between horizontal and vertical blinds. With horizontal blinds, the louvers of the blinds are horizontal to the ground. These are what you typically think of when imagining blinds. Vertical blinds, however, have louvers that run perpendicularly to the ground. Here are some reasons that show when vertical blinds are the best fit for your home:


  • Sliding Windows and Doors Vertical blinds open by moving off to either side. So, if your windows or doors also slide, it makes sense to opt for vertical blinds. This way, you can open your blinds to the same degree that you open your window or door to enjoy the circulation.
  • Large Windows It used to be that large windows and sliding doors were tricky to find window coverings for. Today, there are a wide variety of window coverings available for windows of all sizes, but one of the most affordable and practical options for large windows is vertical blinds.
  • Wide Variety of Materials Today, you can find vertical blinds made from many different kinds of materials. From natural wood to vinyl, synthetic and fabric, you can choose a material that best fits your home, design, and style. The color pallet available in vertical blinds is also quite extensive. Finally, you can choose how opaque or transparent you’d like your blinds to be. Some create a soft, billowy effect almost mimicking curtains, while others block out almost all sunlight. The choice is yours! This incredible variety ensures that you can find something that fits your needs and preferences exactly.
  • Easy to Clean Most vertical blinds can be easily cleaned simply by wiping them down. This makes them easy to maintain. You won’t have to fiddle with fixtures, laundry or complicated products and instructions in order to maintain your vertical blinds.
  • Simple Repairs Vertical blinds, like all things, can wear out or be broken. Whether due to regular wear and tear or an accident, the good news is you can often replace individual louvres instead of replacing the whole thing. This will save you money and hassle in the long run.


So, now you know when you can confidently choose vertical blinds as your window covering choice for windows and doors in your home. If you’re still on the fence, consider talking with a professional window covering specialist who can give you suggestions based on your unique situation and needs.

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