Sheer drapes allow the sun’s glow to shine into the room. With the press of a button, you close the motorized shade, block out the light entirely, and gain relief from the warm sun.

Such are the luxuries of custom window coverings. When done right, they can improve your quality of life and add to your home’s decor. With custom window coverings, the possibilities are endless. You can choose the size, materials used, colors and even opt for motorized coverings.

However, custom window coverings are only as useful as a well-informed decision when making your purchase. If you fail to take certain aspects of your window coverings into account when buying them, the whole mission could be a failure. For the best results, make sure you avoid these common mistakes when shopping for them:

1. Forgetting to Consider Function

Patterned or plain? Horizontal or vertical louvers? Blinds or shutters? There are numerous choices when it comes to your custom window coverings. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and forget about function.

Depending on who lives in your home, safety may be a concern. For example, many blinds are operated by long cords which can pose a danger to young children and pets. Aside from the fact that these cords can quickly become tangled, they may also represent a choking hazard.

Other considerations of function include the direction in which the window faces, how high up the window reaches, and cleaning requirements, among others. West-facing windows will likely face stronger sunrays, meaning you may choose for a more robust covering. For the bedroom, depending on your preference, consider between blackout shades or sheer drapes that allow the morning light to wake you up naturally. Windows that are high up or tall should be easy to control from below, whether with a cord or a motorized system. People concerned about dirty paws and fingers on blinds may prefer to choose wood or faux wood blinds and shutters that are easy to wipe down and don’t bend easily.

Once you’ve considered these practical concerns, you can move on to make choices about the aesthetics.

2. Measuring Incorrectly

Mismeasuring your windows can result in window coverings that are too short and drapes that appear as sheets when closed across the window. Avoid these problems by requesting a professional to measure your windows.

The correct way to measure your windows will also depend on what type of covering you choose. Shutters, for instance, are estimated based on the inside of your window frame, where the shutter frame gets installed. Drapes, on the other hand, usually cover some space outside of your window frame and may even hang down to the floor!

3. A Short-sighted Budget

It can be tempting to opt for one of the cheapest window covering products available. After all, most people don’t have an unlimited budget. However, it’s also important to remember that paying a bit more up front now may mean that your new window coverings will last longer. Skimping on your choices may not be the most financially sound decision when you consider the lifespan of the coverings.

When buying your window coverings, be sure to check into the warranty policy of your new blinds, shades or shutters. Also, remember to avoid comparing apples and oranges when looking at price tags. Natural wood blinds, for example, are much sturdier than cellular shades. Yes, you may pay more for them, but they’ll last longer than the cheaper, more feeble cellular shades.

4. Attempting to Self-Install

You’ve spent much time selecting the perfect window coverings for your home and making sure you’ve got the measurements correct. Furthermore, you paid good money to order them. Now that they’ve arrived, don’t attempt to install them yourself. Professional installation is the key to perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing window coverings. Don’t make the rest of your hard work in vain by ruining your setup.

Purchasing custom window coverings can represent a significant investment. However, when done right, they’re well worth the effort and money. You merely need to make sure you follow the advice of industry experts and approach the process carefully for the best results.

Now, head out and enjoy your custom window covering shopping! It can be a fun, creative process that will result in gorgeous new coverings that will last for many years to come. Your home will look great, and you’ll enjoy the functions offered by your new coverings.

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