Roman Shades are an Affordable and Versatile Way to Enhance Your Windows

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  • Roman Shades are an affordable and versatile way to enhance your windows with Aero Shade Co in Los Angeles

Roman shades offer some of the most versatile pieces that can make your windows look effortlessly beautiful. Functional and stylish, these window dressings not only make great focal points when incorporating designs around your home, but they are also inexpensive and easy to obtain.

What kinds of Roman shades are the most affordable and expensive to buy?

Roman shades can range from affordable to high-end, depending on the material you use. Typically, a shade for a small window starts at $20. There are also affordable Roman shades that can be purchased for under $100.

Ready-made Roman shades are the safest pick if you want to save a lot of money. However, don’t completely turn your back on customized pieces. They cost more, but the results are good quality shades that last a long time. If you’re on a budget but would like to incorporate Roman shades in your design, then choose simple styles that are easy to customize (such as Flat Roman Shades), but with well-crafted, unique designs and textile patterns that suit your taste.

The more you customize, the more expensive the shades become. If you have money to splurge, you can customize extra features like thermal lining insulation (thermal acrylic foam) to save on your energy costs. In addition, homes with children or pets can use cordless Roman shades. They offer variations that include top-down, bottom-up, and continuous cord loop motion.

What Materials are used in Roman Shades?

Roman shades come in all shapes and sizes, from woven wood, grass cloth, silk, cotton, linen and polyester. Those made from yard linen and cotton are the most affordable and easy to use.

Yard linen has beautiful weaves that look soft and organic. Cotton fabrics (such as cotton velvet) offer diverse, fun patterns that go well with all kinds of decor. Upholstery can be another option worth looking into. However, the price range may be higher compared to cotton fabrics.

Bamboo is a popular alternative to standard fabrics. It is pliable and tough, and hold their structure very well. One benefit of using bamboo is that it’s highly affordable, often cheaper than standard fabrics. Also, it can enhance your home with a tropical and exotic aesthetic.

How Can Roman Shades Can Add Versatility to Your Home?

Roman shades are great decoration pieces on their own, and they can effortlessly make your window a centerpiece in the room. Beautifully-made Roman shades can even look like refined draperies that function like shades. Use them with beautiful curtains for an interesting backdrop, or gather the fabric into billowy poufs to add a sophisticated flair to your room.

These shades come in so many fabrics, styles, and textures that it’s almost impossible not to find ones that easily blend well with your home’s interior. You can choose from Contemporary, Traditional, Art Deco, Modern, Rustic, Gothic décor, and many others. The choices are limitless. Choose monochromatic colors for a more formal, neutral design, or mix in contrasting textures and colors for a more interesting and highly-personalized look.

Other Benefits of Roman Shades

Roman shades don’t just beautify your home, they also function as light control and an energy saver.

Light Control  

The type of fabric and stitch can control how much light comes inside your home. Tightly-woven fabrics and canvas are almost opaque and can block out all light. Thin fabrics are translucent and highlighted by the light. They almost resemble stained glass in that effect. Some have attached back liners that you can control independently so they can block and filter light when needed.

You can use lining (or secondary fabric placed at the back of the primary fabric) to make your Romans look more luxurious and polished. It also helps lessen light while hiding the lift string when sunlight shines through from behind the shade.

There are many lining materials to choose from. They can range from light translucent cotton sateen to blackout lining. Your choice really depends on the kind of lighting you want in the room. Generally, the living room can use lighter or translucent shades, while bedrooms can opt for much darker colors. Southern rooms also get a lot of light, so it wouldn’t hurt to add some darker shades in these rooms.

Energy Saver

A properly-installed Roman shade is a much cheaper alternative to expensive window treatments that help conserve energy.

The best ones to use are those with thermal lining insulation (thermal acrylic foam).  Roman shades should be custom-made to fit in the exact width and length of the window, with their sides placed as close to the wall as possible. This allows it to seal air better.

They also help insulate your home during summer and winter seasons and they can instantly darken the room by pulling the drapes down. This also keeps the room cool by blocking out excessive sunlight, which also helps reduce air conditioner costs. There are some that even offer cordless lift options to keep children and pets safe.

Only Trust the Roman Shade Specialists

Aero Shade’s wide array of tinting and frosting materials give you an abundance of options to choose from. Our expert installers work hard to give you the best customized window treatments, so you’re guaranteed an attractive and comfortable home any time of the day.

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