Laminated Glass provides Security and Privacy

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  • Laminated Glass provides Security and Privacy with Aero Shade Co in Los Angeles

Laminates Can Make Your Home More Private And Secure

When you are designing a security strategy for your home, the first element you need to consider is your windows. Windows need to be durable and difficult to gain entry into, without depriving you of the visibility and look that you want them to provide you. Ideally they are in a place that is difficult to access, but when they are not, you may need some additional protection to keep your house secure. Laminated glass can provide you with an extra layer of privacy, as well as security.

What is a Laminated Glass?

A glass laminate is a film of plastic that is applied to the surface of your window for protection and reducing light penetration. When the glass pane breaks, the laminate keeps the glass bonded, preventing the window from shattering. Such laminates can be tinted to reduce the amount of light passing through, or mirrored, to reflect light from the outside.

There are several ways by which laminated glass applications can enhance security and privacy. The following are some examples:

Security Benefits

Safety and security being a high priority these days, a laminated glass pane can protect you and your family from crime and theft. Films of various thicknesses may be applied directly to your window or glass door to improve its security function. It behaves similarly to a PVB interlayer that you find in laminated glass. Here is how laminated windows add to the security of your home:

Resistance to Shattering

A burglar will have no difficulty smashing in through regular glass and climbing into a home. However, if that window pane is coated with laminate, the glass will not shatter. Different laminates provide varying levels of resistance to force. Some laminates can enable glass to withstand almost anything, be it a handgun, crowbar or even an explosion. Laminated windows deter intruders while providing protection against accidental damage.

Even when the glass breaks, the fragments typically remain bonded, making it difficult for intruders to gain unauthorized access to your home or premises. As the broken glass stays together, an intruder will still have to tear the laminate and fight his way through bonded glass shards.

Blocking of Sight Lines

Laminated films provide added security by preventing people from easily seeing into your home. Tinting and mirroring keep valuable items hidden from view, and prevent potential intruders from seeing people inside the home. This not only makes it difficult for potential intruders to gauge whether there are people at home, it will also give someone who is home a tactical advantage over an intruder.

Privacy Benefits

Privacy film is designed to minimize visibility through your glass windows. Privacy film offers an unobstructed view from low-light angles but no view from the highlight side. Privacy film is silvered in such cases. Frosted privacy film renders the window translucent but see-through.

Tinting is another option. Not only does it reduce sunlight and glare that enters your home, but it adds a level of privacy as well. Onlookers will have a difficult time peeping into your home. You can also opt for laminates that are patterned to enhance the look of your home from a design perspective. Essentially, when you choose laminated windows for security, you do not have to compromise on aesthetics.

(Laminated glass applications have many practical and aesthetic benefits. At Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings, you can choose from a wide array of laminate options which will enhance the aesthetic of your home and provide you with a sense of security and privacy. Aero Shade has over 50 years of experience and assures you a perfect window treatment and coverings to add to home’s design and functionality.)

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