6 Easy Steps to Untangle Blinds

//6 Easy Steps to Untangle Blinds
  • How to Untangle Blinds

Blinds are a wonderful window treatment that can easily help you transition from letting the sun into blocking it out. Attractive and functional, blinds are an integral part of your window treatments and help control temperature and light in your home. Read below on how you can untangle blinds easily.

However, there is one aspect of blinds that many people find frustrating: the cords. Blind cords can be long and finicky. Children and pets, particularly cats, may enjoy toying and playing with these cords, creating an entangled mess that renders them useless. Even wind blowing through an open window may cause your blind cords to become tangled. Due to the pressure placed on the cords when tangled, you can no longer raise and lower the blinds or open or close them either. The good news is there is a solution. When your cords are so tangled that you’re sure it’s a lost cause, follow these 6 easy steps to untangle blinds:

1. Lower the Blinds

If possible, lower the blinds all the way to the bottom of the window. This will help you ensure that you have enough cord available should it be necessary to cut the cords.

2. Untangle the Blind Cords

Work with the cords and untangle them as much as possible. Should you need to cut cords to untangle them, save the tassels and attach them afterwards.

3. Buy Replacement Cords if Necessary

Sometimes the situation is too dire and you may need to purchase replacement cords to install on your blinds. Many hardware stores carry replacement cords. There will be detailed instructions on the package for you to follow in order to install the new cords.

4. Purchase a cord winder or cord wrap.

There are several products you can use to prevent future tangling of blind cords. Cord winders are one option that are installed to the actual cords and store excess string within the unit. Cord wraps are mounted on the wall near the window and then the cord can be wrapped around them when not in use. By restraining or restricting the cords, it’s less likely that children or pets can reach them, thus preventing entanglements.

5. Install the cord winder or cord wrap.

Instructions will come in the package. Use screws to install the cord wrap just beside your window. To install the cord winder, you’ll need to remove tassels and slip the winder onto the cords.

6. Adjust the blinds.

Finally, adjust your blinds as desired. If you’ve chosen to use a cord wrap, after adjusting, wrap the excess cord around the wrap to prevent the cords from dangling.

These easy steps will guide you to fixing your blinds and making them usable once again. There may be situations in which you’ll find your blinds are unrepairable. If you run into this problem, contact a reputable company such as Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings. The experts will be able to help you determine if a fix is possible or if a new window treatment solution is necessary.

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