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In Southern California, custom window treatments are a frequently chosen method of meeting such important objectives as interior light control, temperature control and beautification for homes and businesses. However, it can be difficult to find a customization company that matches an exemplary standard for quality with comprehensive installation expertise and genuine cost-effectiveness. In Los Feliz and other distinctive L.A. neighborhoods, the name to call on for the finest in custom window treatments is Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings. From your initial consultation to the final installation and testing of your chosen product, we provide you with greater Los Angeles’ most reliable combination of quality services and a price point you can afford.

Custom Blinds

Blinds are a popular household solution for maintaining privacy, supporting larger design schemes and controlling indoor light, temperature and UV radiation levels. Businesses also commonly use these window treatments to achieve similar objectives. Blinds come in both a traditional horizontal format and a vertical format that resembles the layout of drapes and curtains. At Aero Shade, our completely customizable inventory includes a wide selection of products in each of these formats. Choose from materials such as bamboo, wood and metal.

Custom Shades

In contrast to the hard materials used to manufacture shutters and blinds, shades are made from fabrics, woven reeds and other soft materials. Despite this difference in basic construction, shades provide you with the same core benefits of indoor beautification, maintenance of privacy, protection against UV radiation exposure and temperature and light adjustability. We stock a full range of these products in the most popular formats, including roller shades, stationary shades and Roman shades. Our comprehensive selection of customization options gives you the freedom to support any design goals.

Custom Shutters

Shutters are solid panels that sometimes contain adjustable louvers in their central sections. You can extend these panels across the interior or exterior of a window in order to control light levels, keep indoor temperatures cozy and protect your privacy. Exterior-mounted versions of this window treatment can also protect your home or business from storm damage and other weather-related issues. At Aero Shade, we carry a full inventory of stained shutters, painted shutters and fashionable plantation shutters. In addition to wood, we offer durable synthetics as a construction material. Customize your chosen product to meet your needs and tastes.

Custom Awnings

Products in this category allow you to make outdoor spaces more comfortable and provide protection from unpleasant weather. There are two basic types of awnings: fixed and retractable. Fixed awnings — which can feature a solid metal or wire frame — remain in a single position at all times, while you can extend retractable awnings only when desired or required. You can add a motorized system to many retractable models in order to simplify their operation. No matter what type of awning you need for your home or business, we draw on our extensive experience to support your customization goals throughout the entire design, creation and installation process.

Window Tinting and Frosting

Tinting is achieved by applying a thin material called Mylar film to the surface of a window. This process serves several important purposes, including reducing risks for uncomfortable temperature spikes and excessive light levels, protecting your indoor property from UV light damage and helping you maintain your privacy without obstructing your view. Window frosting is achieved by applying a form of Mylar designed to recreate the appearance of costly acid-etched or sandblasted glass. You can use this treatment to reduce the outdoor visibility of bathroom interiors, reduce the interior visibility of unpleasant outdoor environments, or add a new design element to your home or business.

At Aero Shade, we support all of your window tinting and frosting needs. Choose from our broad selection of tinting products, which allow you to customize important variables such as opacity level and reflectivity level. Or select one of the many pattern and style options available in our full inventory of frosting products. Our services also include expert, error-free installation for both residential and commercial applications.

Motorized Lutron Systems

Motorization of your window treatments may seem like a luxury, but the process actually provides you with some important practical benefits. For example, for window treatments installed in hard-to-reach locations, a motorized system may be your only way to perform any necessary adjustments. The same logic applies for large-scale window treatment installations. Even when you can reach treatments easily, the programming options available with motorization can help you increase indoor comfort and save money by precisely controlling your interior temperatures and light levels throughout the day.

For the very best in window treatment motorization, Aero Shade relies on high-quality products made by Lutron, a recognized leader in this fast-developing industry. Whether you choose blinds, shutters, shades or another treatment option, we carry a suitable Lutron product that you can control with a remote or wall-mounted panel. And, like the rest of our offerings, our expert motorization installations are customizable to meet your specific needs and requirements.

The Choice for Custom Window Treatments in Los Feliz

Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains below Griffith Park, Los Feliz is one of the City of Los Angeles’ most singular districts. The heart of the area is the neighborhood of Los Feliz Village, home to many local dining and shopping destinations. Hilly residential sections surrounding this hub include Franklin Hills, Los Feliz Estates, Laughlin Park and Hollywood Grove. Los Feliz has a long association with the entertainment industry, and stands as the origin point of Walt Disney’s film and TV empire. The area is also well-known for its distinctive architecture.

Aero Shade is headquartered just a short drive from Los Feliz at 8404 W. 3rd St. For generations, area residents have chosen us as their preferred provider for custom residential and commercial window treatments. That’s because we never fail to provide you with Los Angeles’ most affordable selection of truly top-quality products and services. Whether you’re a homeowner with an exacting design plan, a business owner seeking to increase employee and customer comfort or an institution seeking a reliable partner for large-scale projects, we always come through. Visit our showroom today or give us a call and make arrangements for your upcoming project.