Which Locations Need Durable Window Shades?

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When planning to install window coverings, you naturally want to strike the right balance between cost and durability. Several factors can have a big impact on the long-term wear and tear of different types of blinds. When aware of what to look for, you can beautify your surroundings while keeping your budget under control. With [...]

What are Best Bathroom Window Coverings?

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Are your bathroom windows looking a little bare? Many homeowners assume that they can't use window coverings in a bathroom due to issues like humidity and bacteria. However, this isn't the case; there are plenty of bathroom-friendly window covering options you can use. Important Considerations for Bathroom Window Coverings Much like with bedrooms, in bathrooms, [...]

Why Duette Shades are Perfect for Kids’ Bedrooms

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You cringe as you notice your toddler grab the cord that operates the blinds in your child’s room. She could easily get tangled up in the cord, hurting her fingers, or worse! In addition to safety features, there are many other reasons you might choose Duette shades. Discover why they’re so perfect for kids' bedrooms [...]

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