Vertical blinds are both attractive and practical window coverings that you can use to control your privacy and the incoming sun’s rays. These types of blinds are especially useful for covering oversized windows and patio doors because there are virtually no limits to how big a space they can cover.

However, among the disadvantages are the fact that they can become bent. Bent vertical blinds can minimize their functionality. When you pull back the blinds, a bent blind can mean that the vanes won’t stack up nicely. In addition, when extended, bent vertical blinds can mean they’ll hang unevenly and create small holes where the sun comes in or your privacy is compromised. Aside from the practical consequences of bent blinds, it’s simply unattractive to see bent vanes.

However, don’t lose hope! You can often fix bent vinyl vertical blinds right in your own home. Here’s our DIY guide for fixing bent vertical blinds so that your blinds will function perfectly and look great again:

  1. Extend the blinds so that the clips holding the blinds in place are spread out. Then, remove any bent blinds. In addition, remove 4 straight, undamaged vanes.
  2. Fill your bathtub half to three quarters of the way full with the hottest water possible. No need to heat water, just use the hottest water you can get from the tap. To protect your hands and arms while working, put on some rubber gloves.
  3. Next, take one of the bent blinds. Put the bent section underwater, holding it in place for two minutes. This will soften the vinyl enough so that you can reset the shape of the blind.
  4. Now, remove the blind from the water. Place it on top of two of the undamaged blinds, and then place the other two undamaged blinds on top of the bent one, creating a sandwich. The bent blind will be in the middle.
  5. Use spring loaded clamps to apply pressure to the blinds, holding them all together. This will help the bent blind take the shape of the undamaged blinds as it cools. Alternatively, lay the blinds on a flat surface and place heavy books on top of them, all along the length of the blinds.
  6. Allow the blinds to sit undisturbed for 10 minutes. Remove the bent blind to check on its progress. If it’s flat, move on and repeat the process with the other bent blinds. If not, you can repeat the steps again to improve your results. Make sure you add hot water to the tub for effective heating.
  7. When finished, dry the blinds with a soft cloth. Then, you’re ready to clip them back onto the blind track.

Now that your blinds are flat again, you’ll be able to operate them perfectly and they’ll look great too! All vinyl blinds suffer damage over time. Pets, kids, moving furniture, or even the sun itself can cause them to bend slightly over time. The good news is that you can often fix this issue on your own and extend the service life of your blinds significantly.

Should you notice other damage to your vertical blinds such as cracking or discoloration, it may be time to think about replacement. If you’re ready to discover the many available options in vertical blinds, contact Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings for the latest styles and designs.