How Shutters Can Match Southern California Home Design

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Southern California home design is known for its open spaces and light, airy rooms.  A true marriage of indoors and outdoors, Southern California homes are known for blurring the lines of what’s in the open air and what’s confined by walls.  Moving in new directions, home design in this area has moved away from formal living rooms and dining rooms to more open, casual spaces that combine kitchen and entertainment space in one flexible area.

In Southern California, there is also a need to plan for hot, sunny weather, particularly in summer months that can cause discomfort.  While sunny, light, open spaces can be nice most of the year, there are some times and spaces where a bit more privacy and protection are desired.  The bedroom and bathroom are two rooms where this additional privacy and protection is an important element in the design.  Enter shutters.  While there are many options when it comes to shutters.  What are they? Take a look at some of the types of shutters below and how you can incorporate them into your Southern California home design:

Plantation Shutters

These shutters are known for their wider louvers or sections, allowing for greater visibility to the outdoors when opened.  This fits in with Southern California style by creating a lighter, airier effect when opened.  Yet, these shutters also provide privacy and protection from the sun when closed.  Plantation shutters are usually installed on the inside of a home.

If you’re sold on the idea of plantation shutters, next you’ll need to decide if you’d like wood or synthetic shutters.

Wood Shutters

These shutters can be painted or stained depending on your preference.  To keep your style light and airy, white is often the choice paint color for shutters.  However, for a more natural look or to match other décor, stained wood shutters are also beautiful.

In addition to plantation shutters, full paneled shutters with no louvers are also a possibility that can be opened and closed as doors.  These full paneled shutters fit in nicely with classical Spanish Colonial, French and Mediterranean inspired design that is popular in Southern California.  Traditional narrow louvered shutters can match more traditional American Colonial design, but have typically been more popular in the Northeast.

Synthetic Shutters

Synthetic shutters are available in the same styles and have the same effect as wood shutters.  They are different in that synthetic shutters are more durable and can handle changes in humidity better.  So, if you’re looking for shutters for your bathroom, synthetic may be a better option.  Synthetic shutters are also easier to clean, which is an advantage if you’re concerned about this aspect.

Additionally, synthetic shutters act as better insulators than wooden shutters.  This means cooler temperatures indoors when it’s hot outdoors and warmer temperatures indoors when it’s cool outdoors.  This is a great feature if you have a room in your home that you have difficulty cooling or heating.

Shutters are functional, practical and beautiful.  They perform an important job in maintaining comfort in your home, without detracting from your Southern California style.  Contact a quality custom shutter company to advise you about getting the best shutters for your home that will also fit in with your design.

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