Which Material to Choose for Blinds – Metal, Wood, Cloth, or Synthetic?

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  • Should you choose Metal, Wood, Cloth, or Synthetic blinds from Aero Shade Co in Los Angeles?

A lovely, cool space in your home can be created while simultaneously enhancing your decoration style by adding a quality set of blinds. Versatile for allowing sunlight in or creating shade, blinds not only control temperature and lighting, but can also increase privacy when desired.

There are many materials from which blinds can be made: metal, wood, cloth and even synthetic. Each material can create different effects depending on the style and design of the blinds. Blinds can be designed to open horizontally or vertically. Some of these even come with options to control the blinds via remote.

Below, each material used for making blinds and its advantages will be discussed to help you consider the options:


Known for their durability, metal blinds can last for many years if well-cared for. These blinds come in a wide array of colors depending on your preferences. They can be raised and lowered and open and shut, typically using a combination of a plastic rod and a string pulley system. These blinds can also be done vertically, creating a different effect when opened.

If you’d like to make one purchase that involves easy cleaning and is sure last a long time, metal blinds are one of the best options. The styles are not as varied with this material, as color is the main choice to be made when choosing metal blinds. However, metal blinds fit in with most decoration styles and do an excellent job blocking out the sunlight.


For a more natural look, wooden blinds are a great choice. A wide range of colors and styles are available. Bamboo blinds for example use thin pieces of wood and can be rolled up rather than in slats. Wooden blinds can be designed to open vertically or horizontally. In either case, they can function similarly to metal blinds. The slats can be made wide or thin depending on preferences.

Wooden blinds are a particularly good choice for those looking to match wooden floors or other wooden features in the décor. Styles such as a wooden frame around the blinds can also add to the aesthetic effect. These blinds are also particularly effective in blocking out sunlight and maintaining privacy.


Also ideal for a more natural look, cloth blinds offer endless possibilities in style and design. Other designs may be used on the cloth such as flowers, prints and textures to match the style of the room where the blinds will be placed. Darker, thicker cloth can be used for maximizing the blind’s ability to block out light and provide more privacy. Thinner, lighter cloth can be used for a brighter environment.

Cloth blinds can be created in a billowy fashion, folding in large sections when they are pulled up. Alternatively, the cloth can be treated so that it is stiffer, allowing it to function in a similar way to metal and wooden blinds.

These blinds can be used in any room of the house due to their versatility. They are ideal for children’s rooms due to the design flexibility and ability to incorporate virtually any theme in their creation. Although they may be a bit more difficult to clean, cloth blinds can be attractive and fit in nicely to just about any style of décor.


This material can be made to imitate wood or cloth. They can be used in similar ways to wooden and metal blinds – and are often one of the most popular choices for vertically opening blinds. A variety of colors and transparency can be chosen from in order to meet the design preferences for the room where the blinds are to be used.

These blinds are durable and may be easy to clean depending on the texture used. They are ideal for those looking for a durable material that will meet their budget.

With today’s many options in blind materials, there is something out there that will meet your design preferences. Remember to consider your desires for sun-blocking ability, privacy and budget as you shop. A consultation from a quality blinds company can help you choose the best option for your home and needs.

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