How Shutters Can Match Southern California Home Design

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Southern California home design is known for its open spaces and light, airy rooms.  A true marriage of indoors and outdoors, Southern California homes are known for blurring the lines of what’s in the open air and what’s confined by walls.  Moving in new directions, home design in this area has moved away from formal [...]

Which Material to Choose for Blinds – Metal, Wood, Cloth, or Synthetic?

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A lovely, cool space in your home can be created while simultaneously enhancing your decoration style by adding a quality set of blinds. Versatile for allowing sunlight in or creating shade, blinds not only control temperature and lighting, but can also increase privacy when desired. There are many materials from which blinds can be made: [...]

How to Shade Your Backyard with Awnings

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A backyard can be a wonderful space to relax and enjoy nature. However, too much sun can ruin the fun! Whether creating a nice area to eat, lounge, or relax outdoors, shade is the key to a comfortable outdoor space. Awnings are the solution to making a space where children can play outdoors without getting [...]

Laminated Glass provides Security and Privacy

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Laminates Can Make Your Home More Private And Secure When you are designing a security strategy for your home, the first element you need to consider is your windows. Windows need to be durable and difficult to gain entry into, without depriving you of the visibility and look that you want them to provide you. [...]

How to Match your Window Shades To Your Design

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Match Window Shades to your Room’s Design When you want your home interior to be warm, welcoming to guests, and functional, it needs an overall design scheme that matches your personality as well as the purpose of each room. A bedroom in which a married couple sleep and a dining room that sometimes hosts business contacts [...]

Asian Influence On California Home Décor

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When we talk about Asian influence in design, we are really talking about some very specific parts of Asia. Probably few people, unless they happen to be Tibetan or Burmese, plan a home in the style of Tibet or Myanmar – not because there’s anything unpleasant about house design in those countries, but because it [...]

Awnings vs Canopies: Which one is Right for You?

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Although awnings and canopies have similar uses and definitions that have caused them to be confused with each other over the years, in truth they have important differences. In light of this, the professionals at Aero Shade have come up with this blog to help explain the differences. Our hope is that by explaining them, [...]

Can Shutters Really Save You Money on Your Heating Bill?

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Well, do shutters save money? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. That lowly shutter that was once massively replaced by cheap heating during the 20th century is now warming its way back to many houses these days. It’s no secret that shutters save money on your heating bill; in fact, a well-fitted and installed [...]

Smart Homes with System Integration

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Today our homes are getting smarter as new technologies become available. Remote devices and applications make it possible to control the lights, temperature, and even window shades from anywhere, but managing all of those devices can get messy. Programmable and remote controlled devices are available for a variety of items with accompanying apps to control [...]

Solar Panels Can Complement Your Exterior Design

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Frequent blackouts have pushed many Californians towards generating their own electricity. A host of local and federal tax incentives have made installing solar panels not only affordable, but incredibly appealing in the last decade. More and more, people are making the switch to solar power. The benefits of solar panels are obvious. Besides getting off [...]