How Tinted Glass Can Save You Money and Increase Your Property Value

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Window tinting is a great option when you’re looking to save money on bills, enhance the look and privacy of your home, protect your health, or preserve valuable furniture and art. To lower cooling and heating costs, you should tint windows which receive a lot of direct sunlight or are exposed to cold winter winds. You can [...]

Staying Warm with Quality Blinds

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Winter is settling in, and fighting off that chill can be a struggle. Undoubtedly, you have discovered a number of tricks to keep yourself warm during with winter, even in a cooler house. While sealing up leaks around your home and pulling on a sweater definitely help, consider redressing your windows this winter. Around a third of [...]

How to Care for Horizontal Window Blinds

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Blind experts can cut horizontal window blinds to fit almost any window. That makes them a versatile choice for controlling how much natural light enters a room. You can use them to create a uniform look throughout your house or to complete the look of a single room. Unfortunately, the numerous benefits of window blinds [...]

Blinds vs. Shades: Choosing a Window Treatment

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Remodeling or decorating a home sometimes seems like an endless sea of decisions. From sorting through carpet and paint samples to comparing lamp shades with throw pillows, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Don't try to decide everything at once. It can seem impossible to pick out a specific item from hundreds of choices. When it [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Window Cleaning

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Like any homeowner, your home is your pride and joy. You vacuum your floors regularly and mow the lawn on a strict schedule. You sweep, mop, and scrub the floors before visitors stop by, and your garden is manicured to perfection. Almost everything in your home is neat and tidy, just the way you like [...]